Alberta Climate Change Panel too one-sided

Is foreign influence pushing Albertans into carbon tax and trade?

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CALGARY, AB Sep 2, 2015/ Troy Media/ – Democracy based on the principle of widespread representation of different groups is a central feature of policy consideration.

Then what are we to make of the Alberta Climate Change Panel, made up as it is solely of parties which favour renewables, carbon taxes, or cap and trade?

Dr. Andrew Leach, economics professor of the University of Alberta, chairs the committee. He tweeted on June 25, 2015 “Starting my mandate, listening to @edwhittingham from @pembina . . .”

Pembina Institute has long pushed for carbon taxes or cap and trade. Pembina Institute and Pembina Foundation have received nearly US$7 million from foreign funders, some $1.2 million of which over the past decade came from the Oak Foundation, whose stated environment funding mission is to institute carbon trading systems. Pembina also supports the B.C. Carbon Tax, even though the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation citing NDP critics, calls it a bust.

Another panel member is Stephanie Cairns, both a Pembina board member from B.C. and a former employee.

Then, there’s Gordon Lambert who comes from Suncor. Suncor has been working with Pembina since the 1990s. In fact, Suncor and Pembina created a partnership with 13 companies, eight environmental groups and the Canadian Federation of Municipalities “that successfully lobbied the government for an incentive program that increased wind power in Canada from 100 MW to 4,000 MW.”

The fourth panel representative, Linda Coady, works with Enbridge, which despite being an oil and gas major is also into wind power, with investments in some 13 windfarms, one of them financed by a Renewable Energy Credits contract with California’s Pacific Gas and Electric.

Finally, there is Angela Adams, a former Suncor Employee, but now National Representative and Director of Education for Unifor, a private sector union with a stated mandate to support an ambitious green energy investment plan.

Not exactly a balanced representation of society.

But why should you care about the composition of the Alberta Climate Change Panel?

Because the conclusions it reaches, which would seem to be inevitable given the Panel’s lack of balance, will end up costing you money. Lots of it.

You want examples?

  1. Albertans are paying some $2 billion dollars for wind power transmission lines which deliver only 4 per cent of their annual power supply. While wind power is of no benefit to the environment, it is, however, required for carbon trading as it generates the Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
  2. The US Energy Information Authority reports power prices increased to three times that of the U.S. in Germany and Denmark after those two countries introduced renewables and carbon tax/trade schemes.
  3. INTERPOL maintains that emissions are sometimes increased simply to make more money.

With no dissenting voices on the Alberta Climate Change ‘Leadership’ panel, is Alberta soon to experience similar boondoggles?

Where are the small or medium sized business reps? Where are the consumer reps to advocate for the aging and vulnerable? Where are reps from industry, which uses 75 per cent of the power generation in Alberta and creates all the jobs?

It is time for the NDP government to let average Albertans have a voice, and not just their environmental cronies.

Michelle Stirling is the Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society.


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