A guide to thriving in Capitalism’s Third Wave

A journey through the history of capitalism and how capitalism's Third Wave is rising on the back of another asset revolution

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EDMONTON, Alta. Aug. 2, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Have you ever wondered where the frustration of many Trump and Brexit supporters comes from? Would you like to know how Bernie Sander’s revolution could be implemented in practical terms? Or are you like many of the rest of us, just curious to know why the status quo seems to be unraveling and what’s likely to happen next.

Troy Media columnist and economic historian Robert McGarvey reveals all in his new book entitled Futuromics: A Guide to Thriving in Capitalism’s Third Wave.

Futuromics-8pWhat is capitalism’s Third Wave? You might be surprised to learn you’re living in it right now. McGarvey describes how capitalism in the West has evolved through a series of asset revolutions beginning with the rise of trade and the introduction of a new suite of mercantile assets in the 16th century. That was capitalism’s First Wave. The Industrial revolution and the massive changes it introduced was capitalism’s Second Wave. Today, capitalism’s Third Wave is rising on the back of another asset revolution.

But this time it’s about knowledge, services and the rise of nontraditional intangible assets, which have emerged from obscurity to dominate the 21st century economy. Yes, it’s another asset revolution that will change our world beyond recognition.

What are the consequences of these changes? According to McGarvey, economic changes or asset revolutions have the effect of altering society’s genetic structure, triggering a kind of societal metamorphosis. Futuromics takes readers on a high level flyover of thousands of years of capitalist history, outlining how asset revolutions have revolutionized Western society in the past. McGarvey then applies these models to our transitioning 21st century social order.

Futuromics exposes many of the myths and falsehoods of modern capitalism, re-defining this ancient institution in ways that rekindle our faith in the future. Futuromics concludes with a daring vision of the future. Readers travel forward in time across a period of massive reforms to a mid-century renaissance, a world where capitalism reborn has solved many of our major problems, modernizing our monetary systems, eliminating income tax, reinvigorating democracy, creating a more just and prosperous future for generations to come.

If nothing else, this books opens doors of possibility for many concerned people. It is a positive tale that simplifies and illuminates. It’s an easy read and should not be missed.

Robert McGarveyTroy Media columnist Robert D McGarvey is an Executive Committee member of the UK based Economic Research Council, and former managing director of Merlin Consulting, a London, UK based consulting firm.

Purchase the e-book: Futuromics: A guide to thriving in Capitalism’s Third Wave. $9.95

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