Great careers for public health graduates

Graduates of public health degrees could use their skills and knowledge to work in many different industries and organizations

CALGARY, Alta. Mar. 23, 2017/ Troy Media/ – There are many reasons to study a master of public health degree. While you can be sure it’s going to be hard work, it’s also incredibly rewarding. A public health degree online can lead to a wide variety of different careers, both in the health care field and in other industries. Here’s a look of a few of the best options available to MPH degree graduates.


There are a huge number of health care graduates that want to work within the health care industry, helping patients, without actually having much patient contact. For these people, medical research is the ideal role. As a researcher, you will be on the cutting edge of medical advancements and discoveries, using the most up to date technologies and methods to discover lifesaving treatments and cures. You will be changing the world for the better.


A public heath graduate would be equipped with knowledge of health care, at home, and across the globe, and fantastic business skills. Those choosing to work for a non-profit organization could do so in America or abroad, representing, protecting, and improving health care policy and treatment for minorities and the disadvantaged.


A graduate with a master’s degree in public health could go on to become a physician after further training and education. Working as a physician you would diagnose, run tests, treat illnesses and injuries, educate, and offer support to your patients.

Public health attorney

A public health attorney needs in-depth knowledge of both the law and medicine, with a focus on health care policies and laws. These attorneys advise hospitals, practices, physicians, and other health care providers on matters of health care law and moral issues, representing them in legal cases if necessary.


An epidemiologist works investigating public health problems, identifying their causes and risks to prevent them from spreading and stopping any future occurrences. They assess all the data they collect, look for patterns and solutions, and communicate with physicians, government officials and hospital staff. This is a precise and accurate role, which requires exceptional analytical skills as well as great communication, organization, and the ability to work quickly under pressure.

Government roles

Graduates of public health could go on to work in government positions at local, state or federal level, helping to change policy and amend laws, to protect the health of the people and the care of all. Laws must be changed to reflect new medical advancements, but also new disease outbreaks and issues. This is a very important role.

Environmental health

Working in environmental health, you would help to spot ways in which environmental changes can affect public health, such as pollution, climate change, and electromagnetics. You then work towards both educating the public and finding solutions to the problems. Environmental health professionals often find work in community outreach projects, as education is one of the best ways to start reducing these environmental risks to our health.

Graduates of public health degrees could use their skills and knowledge to work in many different industries and organizations. It’s a very worthwhile course to take, as you would never be short of prospects in the future.

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