Beat the odds in the Grand National

Started as a joke, the Grand National now takes drama and excitement to a whole new level

AINTREE, UK Mar. 31, 2017/ It’s only a matter of luck? No. most experts say that, even when there´s a little of luck involved, if you know the horses, their handicap and the racecourse conditions, you might have a great chance to score a big one. Here are some pointers to understand the Grand National and to pick the best horse.

This horse racing event started back in 1839 in Aintree, close to Liverpool, and has been raced there ever since. Actually, it began as a way to determine the best horse for hunting, in a sort of a joke fashion, racing in the pitch dark wearing a pajamas and night hat as the jockeys outfit. Nowadays it’s a 4.3 miles race with fences as obstacles, which takes the “drama” and excitement to a whole other level. The horses race to an extenuating point after an eightyish minutes race, sorting the dangerous fences, grasping victory and trying not to commit any mistake.

grand nationalThere’s also a handicap system to level the best horses with the newcomers and the old ones, making this a more even race. This feeds from a ranking of the horse´s performance over the course of the year, if a horse has a great campaign it will take the most weight, and vice versa with those that have it harder to win. These extra pounds tend to extenuate the animal, making it harder and harder to jump the fences, leaving them prone to mistakes or accidents.

One of the top picks for this Grand National is Just a Par, a horse that has shown great stamina and potential in the last events it won. In other hand, The Last Samuri is another of the top picks to place notes according to most of the online betting sites. It came on a close second on last year Grand National, raising the expectations for this edition; you can also get information about the runners and riders in the Grand National. Others chose the winner of the Cheltenham Festival (the second racing event in importance), Cause of Causes, to win the 2017 race.

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