The top 3 safest online payment methods

When time and security are of the essence, these three online payment methods rise to the challenge and meet the expectations of Internet shoppers

CALGARY, Alta. Apr. 7, 2017/ Troy Media/ – The Internet has rendered distances virtually irrelevant and has created a huge marketplace that is only one click away. Those who spend a lot of time in this virtual environment can buy and sell products and services faster than ever before. The giant leaps forward made by technology are self evident and many changes lie ahead. Payment methods are both diverse and reliable, so Internet users only need to find the best solution for their needs.

  • PayPal still reigns supreme

The electronic wallets are nowadays preferred by everyone from online gamblers to freelancers and merchants of various goods and services. Over the Internet, money travels fast and in a matter of seconds any payment can be made. Advantages of using PayPal are numerous, but one of the most important ones is security. The product has been around for many years and there were no complaints left unsolved or doubts regarding transparency and honesty.

This article by the balance sheds some more light on the matter, although current users are probably convinced by PayPal’s quality. People can deposit money quickly, make withdrawals in a matter of days and transfer funds online instantly. The electronic wallet is used all over the world and people can transfer money in different currency without being struck by crushing conversion rates. In the long run, all these small savings matter and can amount to large sums of money.

  • Neteller a great choice for e-wallets

online paymentsCredit cards have largely lost the fight with electronic wallets and Neteller is one of the most successful examples. This method is also used by online casinos as it is a perfect choice for gamblers. Fast, reliable and accepted at merchants from all over the world, it opens plenty of doors for those who navigate the Internet. Funds can be spent in many places and even withdrawn to a dedicated debit card, so people always have immediate access to their money.

Deposits and withdrawals were always fast here, but the speed has increased a lot over the last couple of years. Money moves quickly and the low commissions make it worth switching from credit cards and wire transfers. The customer support team has grown over the years to accommodate an increasingly large audience. Any question is answered promptly and professionally, so all those rare occasions when people need help, they will get it from the very best.

  • Paysafe emerges as a leader in e-payments

The Paysafecard is routinely used by people from all over the world, making this relatively new financial instrument immensely popular. Despite serious competition from industry leaders and electronic wallets such as Skrill and PayPal, it has a solid customer base. A quick glance at the paysafe card official website will help prospective clients learn more about the perks. Commissions are few and relatively low, while transactions are perfectly safe and transparent.

A user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate will make it easy for newcomers to find their way around. Even if you know very little about payment methods and haven’t made transactions online so far, you will thrive here. When players need assistance they can always rely upon the customer support, which is professional, prompt and fluent in several languages.

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