Five reasons to look at buying an iPhone 7

While not inexpensive, if you’re looking for reliability and features, it’s worth its weight in gold

CALGARY, Alta. April 13, 2017/ Troy Media/ – The iPhone 7 isn’t going to be the cheapest handset released by the popular Apple brand, but when you look at the features and benefits it provides, you will see why it’s likely going to be the most popular handset on earth. If you are currently using an old handset but you don’t fancy investing so much money in an iPhone 7, have a look at some of the reasons why the investment could benefit your life massively.

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  • More Battery Life

Apple will always try to better the last release of their iPhone model and they have done that with this one by offering more battery life. The headphone jack was removed from the iPhone 7 design, which means the battery is slightly bigger than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and that means you will benefit from an extra two hours battery life once fully charged.

  • IP67 rating

The iPhone 6 and 6s were not water resistant, but the iPhone 7 will be. This means that even though it’s never recommended to take a phone into the water, the iPhone 7 will be able to hold out for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one metre – which makes it the ideal handset for those who drop their iPhones down the toilet regularly! The IP67 rating also means the iPhone 7 is dust proof, so it’s the perfect handset for tradesmen working on a building site.

  • Double storage

iphone7Apple constantly released iPhone models with only 16GB storage as standard, but as the public continuously gave them negative feedback that it was simply not enough because of the fact iOS updates were taking up half of the room, they eventually decided to double it to 32GB – starting with the iPhone 7. Of course, if that still isn’t enough for you because you have a lot of videos and pictures then updating with a new storage card is an easy option, too.

  • Faster processor

If you have always moaned about having an old phone that doesn’t do what you need it to in an efficient manner, the iPhone 7 will be an excellent choice thanks to its four-core processor. Experts believe the iPhone 7 is up to two times faster than the iPhone 6 alone and the faster processor also means it uses up less battery for more battery draining apps.

  • Better camera

The iPhone 7 has a much better camera than most of the other handsets that are trying to compete with Apple products. The camera that comes with the 7 model is a 12MP rear camera and you will certainly see the difference between that and the other handsets on the market.

The iPhone 7 could well be the most expensive investment when choosing a handset in 2017, but if you are looking for something reliable and has many features that will benefit you in general, it’s a product worth its weight in gold.

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