How to boost your email marketing strategy

Hit a bit of a dip in your email marketing strategy? Here are some pointers on how to drive more success through your campaigns

CALGARY, Alta. April 14, 2017/ Troy Media/ – If you’ve hit a bit of a dip in your email marketing strategy or you are looking for some pointers on how to drive more success through your campaigns, there are a few facts for you to bear in mind. A recent survey of marketers revealed that 58 per cent of people surveyed named increasing engagement rates as their top priority.

Of course, this is always going to be a big concern for businesses and trying to boost that area isn’t considered straight-forward. However, if you are looking for some help, have you considered using segmentation and personalization in email campaigns? Creating content that is more relevant to the recipients will increase the chances of them opening your email, and it will also increase the conversion rates. There is no point spending a huge amount of time creating email content if nobody opens the email because they don’t feel it is relevant to them.

You need to think about what appeals to the segmented categories in your email list. For example, you’re unlikely to sell many life insurance policies to students, and you probably won’t have a high take up rate of selling GHD straighteners to men. Use your information wisely when personalizing your emails.

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