Fate, fortune and the other iPhone

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CALGARY, Alta. April 19, 2017/ Troy Media/ – It was in the 1890s that American inventor Charles August Fey produced the first slot machines, culminating to the popular three-slot Liberty Bell, displaying horseshoes, bells and card suits. Technology has come a long way since then. Following mechanical advances in the physical slot machine, computers, mobile devices and the internet paved the way for iGaming, which has dominated the modern casino scene. Another invention, the iPhone, factored into a major turning point for the online game and app industry. Due to its innovative features, the market welcomed it and all the shapes it has taken since its introduction into the world in 2007. But, oh, how different things would have been if the device’s competing prototype had triumphed instead.

Part of Apple’s process of developing a device is assessing the P series. In the case of the iPhone, the series consisted of two prototypes, P1 and P2. The second, which was Scott Forstall’s tap and swipe interface we know and love today, ultimately won the approval of Steve Jobs and the market. Judging by the steadily increasing sales, amounting to more than 78 million in 2017, the iPhone’s success story has far from ended.

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On the other hand, P1 had a click wheel navigation interface much like the iPod, courtesy of its inventor Tony Fadell. Returning to the topic of games and apps, one can imagine the awkwardness such a system would have brought to the experience. It is even doubtful that the gaming industry, let alone smart technology, would have boomed the way it did without the support of P2.

The iPhone’s individual interactive icons, as well as the multi-touch screen, were the foundation upon which apps like mobile slots games built their fun and easy-to-use platforms. Some of the best online casino websites, like the sites listed on http://www.casinouk.com/, provide wide-ranging features and benefits that keep players entertained while increasing their chances of winning. These could not have been possible, at least as effectively, without the ability to swipe the screen, tap a button or zoom in and out. Slotomania, ranked 10th in the top grossing mobile gaming apps in the U.S., might have retained its vivid graphics but not the P2-based gameplay that has endeared it to the public and elevated it to its current status.

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