Potential from across the road

Trump wants the international organization to become more relevant to issues affecting people all over the world

Those words was the basis of U.S. President Donald Trump’s address before the United Nations General Assembly. When the world leader made the remark about “seeing potential from across the road” he was referring to the Trump World Tower.

Essentially the statement was meant to show the long cry for a better and more efficient United Nations. The world body has become synonymous with under-performance. This has resulted in people from across the globe losing faith in the gathering of nations.

What is Across the Road?

Across the road in the United Nations Plaza is the Trump World Tower. Trump, who has casinos in Canada, is proud of and acknowledged that he knew that it would succeed because of the UN. It was at the time of the construction of the 2001 completed building that Trump saw the potential of the United Nations.

The Trump World Tower was built to be the tallest residential skyscraper in the world, a title that it held for some time. But it was not the height of the building that made is popular. It was that it is was in close proximity to the United Nations. The list of residents at the luxury building include people from different walks of life, including sports stars, online casino players, politicians and other celebrities. The 4th floor of the building is occupied by the Saudi Mission to the United Nations. It was bought by the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.

The Potential that Trump Saw

It is very easy to say that the potential that Trump saw was how his investment would pay him back. But the president of the most powerful country in the world gave a good account of himself. He said he saw the potential of the United Nations to promote harmony and peace throughout the world. This, he said, could be achieved by reforming the international organization to become more relevant to issues affecting people all over the world. Which involves reducing the bureaucracy and focusing more on results instead of processes.

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