How to become serious about your love of wine

Know your stuff, and you can turn your passion for drinking wine into a profit-making hobby

Loving wine as a poor university student becomes something entirely different once you have a career and more options with regards to brand and vintage. Suddenly, your options more than double, and you have more choices available to you. There is a whole new world of wine at your disposal, if you only knew how to enter it. Thankfully, there is not only a lot of information online to help you learn about wine, but there are also excellent retreats you can take. To become serious about your love of wine, follow these steps:

  1. Take a Vacation to Wine Country

The first step any burgeoning wine lover needs to take is a vacation to wine country. There are areas around the world you can tour and try different wines all day long. What is even more important than the drinking, however, is being taught out to taste and appreciate wine properly. Experienced connoisseurs can take you on a journey of flavours that you never knew of before, but once you learn, will be able to go again and again at your own disposal.

  1. Start Your Own Collection

Once you have a greater appreciation of wine and have tried samples from many vineyards, vintages, and kinds, it’s time to start your very own collection. This can be modest at first, of course – a few bottles from your trip to take home with you. The key to wine, however, is storage, so when you first start your own collection, consider buying a small wine fridge.

  1. Expand and Develop Your Pallet

Once you have begun on your wine journey, there’s no reason for you to stop. Continue to go to wine tastings so that you can expand your pallet, but most importantly, do your research. Not only are wines rated by a board of experts, there is also information on how long you should hold off on drinking your wine, how well any given year was for the grapes, and more. There is so much that goes into a great bottle of wine, and knowing this information can help you make informed purchases.

  1. Turn Your Collection into an Investment

Once you become a master at understanding and knowing the value of wine, it is time to turn that expertise into an investment. Purchase bottles new and place them in storage so that, when they are ready to be drunk, you can either enjoy the perfect bottle of wine or sell it for a profit. When choosing which fine wine storage option is right for you, heck out Octavian Vaults. Many wine experts around the world have chosen to preserve and store their investment wines with this company.

Wine is not just a nice drink to have with your dinner, it can be your entire livelihood. Know your stuff, and you can turn your passion for drinking wine into a profit-making hobby. If you aren’t interested in selling your wine, then your patience will pay off for big occasions you will surely celebrate in the future.


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