Become a Troy Media community newspaper affiliate

Your secret weapon for increasing revenue, reducing costs, and growing profit​

Troy Media Digital Solutions is here to help our community media outlet super heroes survive and thrive in today’s digital world.

Outlets like yours are the future of Canada’s media industry. But many of you struggle to accomplish daily tasks. The days are too short for all that needs to be accomplished for your paper to reach its full potential.

As the best known and most used editorial content provider in Canada, we at Troy Media intimately understand your needs, and the stresses and strains you work under.

You’re often overworked, understaffed and lack the key infrastructure to embrace the digital world that’s critical to your long-term success.

To help solve these problems, Troy Media has a plan for helping community news outlets thrive. We can help you turn a profit, ensure the continued quality and depth of your content, increase your productivity, and have an even bigger impact on your communities – all while saving you time and creating new revenue opportunities.

For more information, and to become an Affiliate, visit Troy Media Digital Solutions.


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