Sirmione, Italy, a magnet for tourists

The magnetic pull of Sirmione dates back to the Roman times when it was used as a spa by members of nobility

SIRMIONE, Italy, July 25, 2016/ Troy Media / – [popup url=”” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]Lake Garda[/popup] in Northern Italy is the largest of the celebrated Italian Lakes. Aside from its sheer size, it is also famous for its dramatic landscape of rolling hills and the towering mountains which surround the lake.

The town of Desenzano del Garda  gets the most concentration of tourists because it is located right on a major railway. Although a practical choice, visitors looking for more impressive sights may want to head out north and stay in the more breathtaking lakeside towns. Take the boat and be on your way to other exciting destinations around the vast expanse of Lake Garda, one of which is the pretty lakeside town of [popup url=”″ height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]Sirmione[/popup].

The 13th century castle of Rocca Scaligera is one of the iconic attractions of Sirmione

The popular resort town of Sirmione is just a short boat ride away from Desenzano del Garda. The magnetic pull of this lakeside town dates back to the Roman times when it was used as a spa by members of nobility. Today, its thermal springs remain popular among visitors from all over the world. The Roman ruins of Villa Romana, found here, add to the already charming character of the area.

You might want to time your visit out of season. It can get pretty crowded during the summer months and a full exploration of the area may not be as enjoyable with countless tourists milling about.

The historical centre is a must visit. With its fairy tale castle, Sirmione makes for an exciting and picturesque destination. Walking around the historical centre is the only way you can explore the area. Its narrow winding lanes may seem like an overwhelming maze but all you have to do is follow the signposts and sooner or later you are out into the promontory to enjoy a panoramic view of the lake.

The 13th century castle of Rocca Scaligera  is one of the iconic attractions of Sirmione. Although the castle is nothing but an empty fortress, it is still worth visiting. Its ramparts are ideal for a laid back stroll and climbing its tower is also quite thrilling.

The Villa Romana, remnants of the Roman world gone past, is located at the end of the promontory or the headland. You can easily reach it by following the signposts that can be found all over Sirmione’s historical centre. The ruins also feature a small museum, delightful olive groves and beautiful views of the lake – making it a delightful place to visit and explore.

Although a boat ride is a more enchanting way of reaching and leaving Sirmione, the town is also accessible by bus. It is, in fact, within the route of buses between the towns of Brescia and Verona. Since these two towns are serviced by a budget airport and are easily accessible by train from other major Italian towns, visitors can easily drop by Sirmione and leave as they please.

If you want to maximize the Italian railway route, the nearest train stations in the area are in the nearby lakeside towns of Desenzano del Garda and Peschiera.

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