Ugly underbelly of American left exposed

Agree with us and you’re in the club – disagree with us and we’ll light things on fire

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2016/ Troy Media/ – The ugly underbelly of politically correct progressives has finally been exposed – even if it comes as no surprise to many who have long pointed out its presence.

College campuses have become cauldrons of conformity with near-mandated expectations of sanitized group-think. But it had not yet bloomed into full paroxysms of intolerant mania in wider society until the days following the unanticipated victory of one Donald Trump.

Leftist outrage and attempted suppression of any opinions not deemed sufficiently inclusive and in tune with their own actually very exclusionary drummers is now being voiced in pockets of infantile protest in a handful of U.S. cities.

How ironic that the very same group that demonized Trump for daring to say he may not accept the election results as legitimate are now working themselves up into lathers of frustration so pronounced that every Starbucks in the land will likely have to staff emergency medical personnel to revive and resuscitate disappointed supporters of Hillary Clinton.

The call to action of the Clinton group was that they were “Stronger Together” and that “Love Trumps Hate.” But we now see the truth: namely, that respect and tolerance for the expressed will of the people is only a virtue when that expressed will dovetails with their own entrenched social ideology. In other words: agree with us and you’re in the club – disagree with us and we’ll light things on fire.

One of the inconvenient attributes of democracy is that one does not get to issue decrees and order society based on one’s own views of how that society should look and operate. There is usually the bugaboo of an opposing side with different ideas on social order and policy.

Rather than fight to the death on city streets, we have long thought it would be less bloody and frightening if we put those competing orientations to a vote and allowed a majority of fellow citizens to carry the day – without violence.

The winning side doesn’t get a free pass. To hold power, they have to govern in such a way that they continue to have that majority support, since it will be tested at the very next election. That future election has already been helpfully scheduled courtesy of the ultimate day planner: the Constitution of the United States.

No one gets everything they want in a democracy. Compromise used to be viewed as a virtue, allowing for people who disagree to still work together for the greater national good. Such compromise is the consciously constructed foundation upon which the American republic was conceived and constituted.

The inevitable and healthy compromise of politics – and the mature acceptance of the unavoidable disappointment that comes from losing an election – has been rejected by the left, who are now behaving much like a teenager storming away from a family meeting at the kitchen table, stomping up the stairs and yelling, “I hate you!” while slamming the bedroom door.

In her concession speech, Clinton said: “I’m sorry we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country.” She is absolutely entitled to feel devastated at having her values and vision rejected.

But rejected they were. One only wonders what names would have been levelled at protesters had the outcome been reversed. The same people now painting “Not my president” on their foreheads or burning papier-mâché effigies of Trump would have been withering in their disdain and judgment of the Trump [popup url=”” height=”1000″ width=”1200″ scrollbars=”1″]deplorables[/popup] refusing to accept and respect the democratic process.

Clinton also said she “offered to work with” President-elect Trump and expressed her hope that he “would be a successful president for all Americans.”

Unfortunately – if not unexpectedly – her gracious words are falling on too many deaf ears within her own already disbanded camp. The ugly underbelly has been exposed.

Troy Media columnist Gavin MacFadyen is a U.S.-based writer and occasional lawyer. Blending insight and wit, he brings a unique perspective to the issues of the day. Gavin is included in Troy Media’s Unlimited Access subscription plan.

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