The four top reasons to choose an online degree program

Fortunately, the traditional route of attending college is no longer the only one available

CALGARY, Alta. Feb. 27, 2017/ Troy Media/ – Going to college is a huge commitment: enrolling in a college degree program means that you’ll be committing to spending the next four or so years of your life studying and working towards your final grade. Along with this commitment, attending college is also becoming more expensive, and today’s students can expect to fork out thousands of dollars in student loan repayments over the course of their lives.

But, the traditional route of attending college is no longer the only one available. Students who want to lead a more flexible lifestyle when earning their degree are choosing to study online. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of online learning.

Pay less for tuition

One of the main reasons why an increasing number of students are turning to online degree programs is that they cost less. And, with tuition fees at an all-time high, any opportunity to pay less or get into less student debt is usually welcomed with open arms. Since online degree programs cost less for a university to run, they are usually offered to students at prices that come in around one third cheaper than traditional programs.

Enjoy flexibility

online degreeIf you have been to college before, or even remember what it was like in high school, then you’ll know that the traditional education system isn’t very flexible. For students who are also working, or students who enjoy travelling a lot, committing to an on-campus degree can feel like you’re being tied down. With online study, you have the freedom to choose when and where you study for your degree, whether you’re happy sat at your kitchen table or want to take your laptop, and your online MSM degree, to a tropical island!

Great selection of programs

When online learning was first introduced, many people were a little skeptical about it and it’s taken a while for it to be fully trusted. Thankfully, today, online degrees are widely accepted and you certainly shouldn’t have any issues explaining your degree to your employer once you graduate. Thanks to the growing popularity of online degree programs, there’s a huge selection of topics to choose from, too – whether you’re interested in becoming a nurse, want to study history, or top up your education with a master in marketing online.

Ongoing support

Online students are often given more support than on-campus students, since self-directed learning from home can sometimes be more difficult than learning in a classroom environment. As an online student you will have a personal tutor or mentor who you’ll be able to communicate with via email or webchat when you need assistance with your work or understanding a topic. Online degree programs will often also include all the resources that you need online, including textbooks – which eliminates the need for you to spend money on them!

There are many different reasons why choosing an online degree program could benefit you. Did you study for an online degree or are you currently an online student? Tell us more in the comments.

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