Three online education trends to watch for in 2017

Be on the lookout for the growth of online learning, mobile educational videos, and contextualized education models

EDMONTON, Alta. Mar. 1, 2017/ Troy Media/ – Modern advances in technology are changing every industry, including education. The internet, for instance, has led to the rise of online education, which is without a doubt the future of the sector. But even as it becomes the future, emerging trends are changing the direction of this innovative education model. These are the education trends to watch in 2017.

  1. Growth of online learning

Today, many people are embracing e-learning, especially those with tight schedules. If you are juggling family and a career, pursuing a degree in a traditional class setting can be difficult – if not impossible. An online classroom is a more practical alternative. Online class choices have also greatly improved over the years. While traditional courses such as an accredited online MBA degree are available, tons of other options in health care, technology, social services and engineering are also available to those who would like to pursue their studies online.

According to experts, seven out of 10 students now use a search engine when doing their research, and most are doing so using a mobile device. E-learning platforms have noticed this trend, so they are making their content mobile-friendly. They are on the right track. A recent survey by Udemy found that mobile devices account for 25 per cent of all online education. If the current growth of online education and mobile-device use is anything to go by, this percentage will only rise.

  1. The Rise of mobile video

Gartner Research has predicted that video will account for more than 60 per cent of online mobile traffic in 2018. It expects this figure to rise to 80 per cent in 2019. This view is echoed by Ericson Mobility, who has forecast a 55 per cent growth in this type of traffic for the next five years. But what is driving this demand for video content?

The real driver of mobile traffic is the widespread adoption of the smartphone. During their spare time, people are using smartphones to access various types of video content. And as education goes online, educational videos are accounting for a great percentage of this content.

  1. The era of contextualized education

Programs that suit a learner’s needs are the next big thing in education. The age of contextualized learning is here. Online schools have realized that digital education is not just about delivering educational content to students. It is also about how this content is delivered to each particular student. Contextualization is a multi-pronged approach.

The first approach involves cultivating a two-way conversation between the student and the school. Polls and questionnaires are used to gauge the student’s’ education needs. The school then seeks to meet them. In the second approach, schools use data (analytics) to determine how an education program should be improved and ultimately personalized for each student.

The third – and perhaps the best – example of contextualized learning is the so called micro-learning, which is very common with online MBA programs. Modern life is demanding, so it calls for an education model that lets you study in short, focused, yet regular busts. These bursts must be both rewarding and challenging. This model, which feeds you educational material in bits, is called micro-learning. Although it was regarded as a fad when it started, it is now regarded as the future of education.

As demonstrated, technology has changed education for good. Emerging trends will affect the sector in 2017, so be on the lookout for the growth of online learning, mobile educational videos, and contextualized education models.

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