How to stay productive during the flight laptop ban

While the laptop ban could a real hassle for many business travellers, by thinking ahead you can ensure your time is still productive

CALGARY, Alta. Apr. 7, 2017/ Troy Media/ – Recently, a number of countries including, the United States, have taken steps to ban laptops from cabins on certain flights due to terror risks. While we still don’t know much about these changes, this could have a significant impact for many business travellers attempting to keep up with work while flying. Here are our tips to on staying productive without using your laptop:

Prepare beforehand

Print any documents you need to review/sign off, etc. before your flight. It might not be considered the most economic way of doing things, but at least you will be spending your time constructively.

Use the time for creative thinking

Being unplugged doesn’t have to be negative. Take the time away from the constant stream of emails or calls will allow you time to stretch your creative muscles to think of solutions to problems or new ideas. Take a notepad, pencil and pen, and start thinking of imaginative solutions for when you get back to the office.

Think about people rather than work

Again, your work life can get so extremely busy that you often don’t have time to stop and think about the people you work with. While it may not be your responsibility to raise engagement at your place of work, you will, however, enjoy work more if you boost morale amongst your coworkers.

Spend some time thinking about people who have done lots of work for you or who you find impressive. Make a note of how they helped you and then send them a thank you email when you get back to your laptop. People will become more appreciative and motived to work or help you in the future, therefore, remember it’s the little things that could better your working environment. An engaged team is a more productive team.

Alternatively, think about your old classmates and friendships from college, and think about a reunion. Your classmates will be touched that you thought of them when they receive personalized jewellery from or some flowers.

Conduct research

Not all research has to be through the internet. You could read a book or listen to a downloaded podcast on your mobile. There is a large number of great video tutorials, Ted talks, etc. that you can download before your flight to help you conduct research for work or help with personal issues. Also, if you are visiting a country that speaks another language, there are many apps and books which can teach you some much-needed phrases. Use this opportunity to learn and conquer someone else’s native tongue.

The laptop ban looks like it could be a real hassle for many business travellers. However, if you think ahead before your flight, you can ensure that your time is productive.

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