5 luxury gifts for the special man in your life

While it can be hard finding the perfect gift for someone special, the key is to carefully consider their personality

CALGARY, Alta. April 11, 2017/ Troy Media/ – Buying the ideal gift for some of your loved ones can sometimes be more than a little tricky. Here are five luxury gift ideas for the special man in your life – whether boyfriend, husband, father or brother – who may be a little challenging when it comes to shopping for presents:

The Auster box

There are some gifts that just ooze luxury – and Auster’s vape box certainly does just that. If a special man in your life enjoys vaping, we recommend selecting an e-liquid box to suit his taste, which has been created to transform the vaping experience. To find out more about the gift box, we recommend visiting auster.com.

A sophisticated watch

There is nothing more refined than a luxury watch. It is a staple accessory for every man because it can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. You can guarantee your husband, dad or best friend will appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into creating such a beautiful timepiece.

A luxurious robe

Treat the special man in your life to a luxurious robe they can relax in after a long hard day. Select a robe that is as practical as it is stylish. We recommend opting for a silk robe with both a breast pocket and two side pockets. It will feel so good that they will never want to get changed into their everyday clothes. A robe could, therefore, be the ideal present for your partner; you can even purchase one for yourself as well so you can both enjoy his and her bath robes.


Every man wants to smell good, and a good bottle of aftershave can help them smell incredible, whether they are just nipping to the store or attending a formal event. The higher quality the aftershave, the more they will appreciate the bottle. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you also get to benefit from your husband or boyfriend smelling fantastic – so it is a win-win situation.

A stylish coat

If there is one thing every man needs, it is a high-quality coat that is perfect for the weather while making them look and feel great. For example, you could treat them to a Burberry car coat that they will want to wear when driving or enjoying a walk in the great outdoors. However, if you know someone who likes to dress smart, you should consider a stylish blazer they can wear with everything from trousers, jeans or chinos – perfect for work and play.

While it can be hard finding the perfect gift for someone special, the key is to carefully consider their personality. If they appreciate the finer things in the life, any of the gifts above can be a good place to start, as you can guarantee they will appreciate the quality of the gift as well as the thought gone into selecting the item.

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