Canada’s most popular sports and gaming apps

Plenty of great sport and gaming apps enjoying phenomenal popularity in 2017

Although next-gen console games continue to hold a powerful spell over many gamers, for those who are looking for some lighter entertainment, there have been plenty of great sport and gaming apps enjoying phenomenal popularity in 2017.

Whilst the NBA 2K17 mobile game continues to be one of the best smartphone simulations of basketball ever, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017 looks to offer a similar amount of mobile fun for baseball fans in Canada.

Hockey fans will know all about 2K’s NHL-endorsed hockey simulation. But there’s something about the Ice Rage mobile game that really captures the sheer brutality of the game, even if the characters don’t come anything close resembling real-life players like Carey Price or Erik Karlsson.

Thankfully Lucky Nugget Casino’s authentic recreation of the much-loved game of roulette has survived much better on a smartphone, as they’ve managed to keep the gameplay fast, and it’s proven to be much more enjoyable than many of those fantasy sports apps.

But if you’re a fan of the big game, you’ll know that there are many sports apps that can now do an incredible job of putting you right into the heart of the action from the comfort of your sofa.

The Rogers Gamecentre package offers a stunning service for seeing live hockey games from the NHL, and there’s something about watching your favourite team on the small screen of a smartphone that feels very futuristic.

What’s great about apps like this is that they even include the option for multi-game viewing so that you can keep an eye on up to four hockey matches at once – surely enough for even the most ardent hockey fan!

It’s a concept that’s also led brands like DAZN to introduce their sports streaming app in Canada that allow you to watch a limitless amount of NFL games for just a minimal fixed monthly fee.

All of which shows just how advanced our entertainment options on our smartphones have become. But if this all sounds a little futuristic then take heart in the fact that there are many simpler gaming pleasures riding high in the Canadian app charts.

Whilst the likes of Geometry Dash, Snake vs Block, and Flip Master might not win any awards for gaming innovation, they stand alongside the likes of online roulette in showing that sometimes you don’t need to have complex gameplay to be seriously entertaining!

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