5 tech services that can help your business

There are all sorts of tech tools that can help businesses, and that can save you a ton of time, money, and resources

In the digital age, business is becoming more and more about perfecting efficiency and being the quickest to the punch. Just about every business is up online, or is using the internet to grow their business as much as possible. It often becomes a lot to manage, which is why business owners are enlisting the help of various services to help them with their internet presence and interaction, as well as their internal interaction. There are all sorts of tech tools that can help businesses, and they can save a ton of time, money, and resources. These services can take the form of AI servers, consultation on your actual internet output, or just products that your company can make use of that will make the processes of interacting internally that much easier.

AI Services

While having a great customer service is the goal, sometimes even humans can’t be fast enough. A lot of companies have replaced the human interaction and prefer to rely on a chat bot. This saves time and money because you’ve got something automatically replying to your customers, particularly if their questions are simple.

With the Luma service from ServiceAide, you’ve got a Virtual Support Agent that can reply to your customers and help them out in a flash. This means you’ve got a support agent working 24 hours, which is a great feature to your company and will make consumers feel at ease to get help whenever they need it. What’s even better is that the more she’s used, the better Luma gets. This is an AI with learning technology, so they’ll get to know your business, and better identify your customer’s needs more quickly as it’s used.

SEO Consultants

For every business that has an internet presence, the main thing you’re looking for is traffic. The more traffic you have, the more people are looking at your website, which means the more potential customers you have. To get that traffic, you’ll want to make sure your business is easily searchable, and comes up in as many searches as possible.

There are tons of businesses you can turn to for SEO consultation fortunately. It’s a skill that many people are trained in now, and there are tons of businesses that can bump your web presence into gear so that you’re getting as much traffic as you possibly can. You can teach yourself a bit about SEO on the internet, but these services will use their know-how for you so that you can get be popping in as many searches as possible, without you putting in all the self-teaching effort.

Internal Messengers

For every business, it’s essential that employees can talk to each other. It helps to create employee culture, and makes sure that everyone is working as team. Some businesses don’t have the luxury of walking down the hall to talk their co-workers though, so that’s why many use internal messenger services.

These services, like Hipchat or Slack, make it so that you can instant message any coworker no matter where they are. This is helpful for offices that do have workers close by as well, because you then no one has to leave their seat for the easy questions, upping efficiency within your business. A lot of companies also use this as a fun way to boost company morale by incorporating the use of animated GIFs to make the chats a lot more fun and lighthearted.

Cloud Services  

If you’re a company with a lot of documents, then it’s probably hard to access them all with a file cabinet, so you might have moved on to digitally storing them. At the same time, it’s also hard having one place to store all these files, such as a computer or database everyone has to access. Having a cloud service saves your storage, and provides a quick easy place that all employees can access these documents and use them in whatever necessary capacity.

Video Conferencing Services

If your business is one that works over multiple different offices in many locations, then you’re probably use to phone conferences. What’s great about modern technology, is that you can get closer to face to face with video conferencing services. There are tons of services you can pay for that can get your whole company linked up and able to video chat at the click of a button. You can add as many people as you want from as many locations as you want into these chat rooms, making it easy to rope in as many representatives from the whole company as you want. This makes meetings easier and much more personal.

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