Health tech showcased at CES 2018

Important and innovative technologies from the medical field stole the show

The Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas, showcased many gadgets and futuristic concepts. Health sector one of the biggest sectors showcasing at the show. Important and innovative technologies from the medical field stole the show. Healthcare technology is not only improving the quality of lives but saving them as well. Below are some groundbreaking health technologies at CES 2018.

Connected Sock

This is one of the most exciting health technologies at the show. A Chinese company, Siren, unveiled the connected sock that helps diabetic patients and their doctors to track foot temperature. The technology it uses is called neurofabric. According to Siren Vice President, the sock has six minor sensors to detect the patient’s temperature without the wearer even feeling them.

Smart Cap

Another company based in Shenzhen, China called MiLi has developed the first ever smart cap. The cap has a connected UV meter, it saves a purpose of reminding you to protect yourself from sunburns. MiLi’s manager Summer Wong said, “the smart cap also serves as a golf marker.” Maybe the company could also invent an app to remind people about sports betting limits while playing at top casino sites and other gambling venues.


A company based in Georgia, in the United States called Rocking Bed showcased a success in sleeping technology for adults. It developed beds that simulate the same motion obtained in infant cribs to improve sleeping comfort. The bed also offers a high level of relaxation. This bed works by rocking back and forth gently to give you the best sleep. A good night’s rest is important for our health and a comfortable bed eliminates the chances of back and neck pains. But it means no more playing casino games in bed lest you make losing bets as fall asleep, check out casinous for more information.


Smart tech is also being applied to baby care. Cocoon Cam has developed a device called Carepatch. The device was built to monitor child’s temperature continuously. Parents can now use the Carepatch instead of using an H-D camera. Parents also have access to Artificial Intelligence which monitors breathing patterns of the child.

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