This is How a Whirlpool Bath Works

While maintaining a whirlpool bath is more work than a conventional bath, the benefits far outweigh the maintenance requirements

A whirlpool bath is not the regular bathtub that you commonly see in homes, where the inside walls are smooth and there are no accessories like jets. A whirlpool bath has several jets both on the bottom and the walls. These jets blow air into the water to create powerful bubbles that soothe muscles. You might be wondering how a bath of this type works. Here is a simple explanation that will give you an insight into whirlpool baths and might just convince you to get one for your own home.

Hot Water

Hot water is best used in a whirlpool as it contributes more to the benefits you can get from your bath. The jets produced by the bath soothe aching muscles and joints, and they also improve circulation in the whole body. Poor circulation results in poor health, so if you try hot-tubbing regularly, you may just improve your overall health without much work. Hot-tubbing is also called hydrotherapy.

How It Works

A water intake, installed in the bath’s inner walls sucks water from the bath. The water sucked by the intake will then be directed to the bath’s water pump, using vacuum technology. The water pump then distributes the pumped water to the numerous jets in the bath, so they, in turn, can release powerful bubbles that will serve as your “massage hands”. You have a free hand to control the pump power, which will then determine how powerful the jets will be. The lower the pump power, the weaker the released water will be.


The number of jets in a whirlpool bath depends on the size of the bath. They are strategically placed on the seat of the bath so that target areas such as the back, legs and other body parts benefit from the jets.

Points to Ponder

It must be noted that this type of bath does not keep the water in it constantly warm. Once time has passed it will get cool depending on the temperature of the room. If you want constantly hot or warm water in your bath, you must open the drain and release some water and top it up again with water with the right temperature.

Maintaining a whirlpool bath will require more work than a conventional bath. But if it is not an issue, then the benefits far outweigh the maintenance requirements. Installation is also another matter. A professional installer or plumber is required to set one up. It can prove to be difficult to DIY. Overall, a whirlpool bath has more benefits than other types of bathtubs, especially for those who have health concerns. Soaking in a whirlpool bath does wonders for the body. Even a half hour in the bath will give you great relaxation and your body will be able to recharge, thanks to the massaging jets.

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