Celebrities and Babies

It is a shame that celebrities who gamble do not participate more in initiatives to support problem gamblers

Celebrities like the rest of us also have ugly babies. It is just that it is considered rude to say it out loud. It is social suicide to say babies are ugly. But as gamblers for casino sites, we are used to being unfairly judged by society so we are going to go ahead to do it. But before you quit reading, give us a chance to justify ourselves.

Everybody even the most beautiful celebrities hide their baby pictures. Not those pics with the cute outfit and little shoes after 6 months. By this time features that we end up having are already outlined and being shaped.

When a baby is born, they do not look like anyone. They are just a mass of flesh that is yet to take shape. Besides things like race everything else is in a state of distortion. Even the hair is not what it will look like 12 months later.

We all know this. That is why we are all shy with our baby pictures. Enough about ugly things. To more interesting things.

Celebrities and Real Money Gambling

Movies like Molly’s Game have revealed that celebrities are just like the rest of us. They also enjoy playing games of chance. This not a new trend though. In ancient time’s European nobleman were known to play games of chance. At one time it was mandatory for parents to teach their children games of chance.

Today the most important people in society also play casino games online real money. The hobby has proven to transcend socio-economic boundaries. Obviously, wealthier people spend more than the rest but the guiding principle is the same.

. Research has now shown that problem gambling is caused by mental disorders that randomly occur in the population. Up to 10% of the population is affected. For these disadvantaged few the price of real money, gambling is too high.


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