Your Options for Help Desk Software

There are a wide range of options to suit your business size, needs, and preferences

Help desk software comes in different types. You have a wide range of options to suit your business size, needs, and preferences. Get acquainted with these different options as you look for good help desk software to use.

Web-based Help Desk Software

These are also known as cloud-hosted help desk software solutions or software-as-a-service. They don’t require anything to be installed. Basically, the only thing you need to run them is a decent web browser. They are accessed in the same manner websites or web services are accessed – using a username and password. Because of this setup, it is easier to use this type of help desk software. There’s no maintenance needed. The software is automatically updated. Data stored in the system usually has automatic backup. IT skills required to operate this type of software are very minimal. Moreover, this web-based software can be accessed from anywhere.

On-Premise Help Desk Software

As the name implies, this type of help desk software is meant to be housed in the premises of the user. It’s the opposite of a web-based help desk software. It requires the local installation of the software on the company’s computers. It can be costlier compared to the web-based version as it entails the need for an in-house IT team, local equipment, and added maintenance expenses.

Open Source Help Desk Software

This is basically free help desk software or freeware. It may or may not be web-based. It’s not necessarily inferior compared to paid software. Many freeware options can even match or be superior to paid software. Being “open source” does not always mean that it is free but in most cases, it is. What’s great about open source software is that there’s the possibility for extensive customization and integration. Using and maintaining it requires IT expertise, though. If you want to make the most of open source help desk software, you need to have a team that knows software programming.

Enterprise Help Desk Software

Enterprise help desk software is intended for larger businesses. It has a more robust set of features. As such, it costs more. However, this higher cost is justified by what it can do for a business. It is designed to be scalable, customizable, and complete with everything necessary for the help desk of a midsize to large business operation. In most cases, enterprise help desk software is designed to be easier to use so businesses can easily deploy it. Also, they come with technical support to help users deal with issues that may be encountered while using the software.

So which among these types of help desk software do you need or want? Be sure to examine each of them and be properly acquainted with the pros and cons to make the right choice. Read reviews and ask for feedback from those in the know to make the right choice when getting help desk software for your company.

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