The Cheapest European Destinations For A Budget Traveller

Jetting off on your perfect European break doesn’t have to mean maxing out your bank account

The High Tatras, Slovakia
The High Tatras, Slovakia
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Everybody wants to see more of the wonderful world we live in, but for those on a limited budget, this can feel a lot like a pipe dream. Europe in particular feels entirely out of reach with the likes of London, Paris, Amsterdam and more all costing an arm and a leg just to stay for a weekend break. It’s no secret that some places in Europe are particularly expensive. While a short term payday loan can be available in the case of a financial emergency such as an unexpected medical bill, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes travelling on a strict budget. We’ve put together a list of a few below!


Poland is full of a bit of absolutely everything you could want, from bustling cities to hikes that are awash with wildlife and gorgeous views. The country has 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Bialowieza Forest and the Old Towns of Warsaw and Krakow, but its attraction doesn’t end there. The food is to die for, and with all of this carrying a surprisingly low price tag, you’ll be surprised at how much you can afford to do! With a suggested daily budget of around €25-€40 dependant on where you eat and what you want to do, this country is easily one of the cheapest in Europe.

The High Tatras, Slovakia

If you’re looking for something a little more specific, why not take a trip to the High Tatras in Slovakia? This mountain range is fairly unheard of outside of mountain climbing circles, but it’s the country’s pride and joy for a good reason! Around the mountains are long stretches of parks perfect for hiking, biking and more and there are even lakes scattered around for rafting if you so choose. With a daily budget of around €30-€40, this is just a little more expensive than Poland!


Albania is another destination perfect for everything from a city break to a week spent lazing on the beach. The city of Tirana offers visitors a new take on a city break, with just enough familiarity to include everything you love about them! The pristine stretches of coastline are practically untouched due to the lack of tourism here, but that lack of tourism also accounts for the much lower prices! There are no tourist traps to fall into here, so you can sit back and relax with a low budget of just €20-€30 a day at most.

Macedonia Lakes

Glittering blue waters, breath taking medieval churches and incredible Roman amphitheatres are just a few things you can expect to see at the lakes of Macedonia. With architecture worthy of a Game of Thrones scene and bottles of wine served for as little as €2.50 (shocker, we know!) there is no reason to brush this location aside. It has everything you want from a holiday by the water, so why not give it a try? For a daily budget of just €20, there’s nothing to lose!


For a more traditional holiday destination that still won’t break your bank, Croatia could be a great choice. The island of Lastovo in particular is awash with nature parks but lacks the hefty crowds of more popular islands. Amazing blue waters give you the opportunity to go for a warm swim throughout the day, before relaxing at night and listening to the nearby wildlife. Alternatively, Zagreb is another city break destination work a look! With cathedrals, day trips to the likes of Dubrovnik and Split and even a bustling nightlife, there’s plenty to do here on a daily budget of just €30-€40.

Jetting off on your perfect European break doesn’t have to mean maxing out your bank account. Instead, opt for one of the locations above! For low daily budgets, there’s plenty to do in every location and all without tourist traps to swallow up your money! Happy travels.

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