Importance of Lifeguards in the society

A lifeguard needs to be very efficient with their swimming skills and should be physically strong enough to handle another person if they are drowning

Despite taking all the measures, there are times when circumstances can go out control unexpectedly and you need to seek help from someone else to save your life. In the water sports area, this job is done by the lifeguard. Be it a swimming pool or a seaside, the safety of all the people swimming there is ensured by the lifeguard of that area. This job is not for every area, however, everyplace which has a pool, also has a lifeguard there to keep the people safe. People living near the area where these is a waterbody near-by, often go for water sports like swimming, diving, surfing and several other similar activities, as it is the best activity in those places.

Grown men and women and even children in those areas are fond of these activities. These are indeed very thrilling activities and gives a huge adrenaline rush to people but at the same time, these are dangerous enough to take a person’s life as well. This requires to take all the safety measures like usage of proper equipment and not risking your life in any case. Pool is that necessity which jumped from a luxury to the basic necessity very quickly. There are several areas which have pools in the estate area or apartment buildings and are offering jobs as well. If you wish to serve the people by being their lifeguard, you can visit The Job Explorer and see the requirements to know if you’re eligible to become one or not.

In some places, lifeguard is responsible for teaching swimming to the beginners as well. Being a lifeguard also requires some knowledge regarding the pH value of water, chlorination, using water testing kit and record all the readings as well. Knowledge for sanitation and chlorination is very important since if these are not maintained properly, it can make the swimmers truly sick. This is required in the artificial pool area since the natural beaches are not chlorinated. General duties of a lifeguard are very simple. They are supposed to stay alert and keep an eye on the all the activities that are going on in the pool or beach and avoid any unfortunate accidents.

A lifeguard should obviously be very efficient with their swimming skills and should be physically strong enough to handle another person if they are drowning. They should also be very efficient with First Aid as well. If you are a lifeguard, you should be confident enough to caution the swimmers with the unsafe practices and safety hazards. If you cannot manage people and cannot maintain rules around the pool and adjoining areas. Lifeguard is basically the head of the pool area so maintaining the cleanliness is also the responsibility of the lifeguard as well. . In case of an accident, if the lifeguard knows how to react quickly and calmly and perform rescue operations, including first aid and CPR, they can save lives of the swimmers. Usually the lifeguards have Lifeguard Training and Community First Aid Training Instructor education and are also certified for Professional Rescuer Cardiopulmonary (CPR).


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