5 AI Advancements that Will Impact Web Design

5 AI Advancements that Will Impact Web Design

Web design has greatly advanced in the past few years and now technology is moving even faster. What does that mean for designers? Will they be replaced by AI? If you remember not long ago there was “The Grid” that everyone thought was going to take over and put web designers out of a job, but as you know, it kind of flopped. There are just some things that the human eye and creativity has to do.

When you are creating a site, this is the face of your business or project. You don’t want to leave it totally up to AI. There are some ways that AI is going to impact web design, but it looks like it is going to be for the better.

Live Chat Popups

You probably see the live chat popups on almost every website. If you don’t want to hire a chat helper, you can find  live chat software to help you give users the experience they want without causing problems for your pocketbook. This AI creation can answer many of the queries users enter instead of having to hire a real live person.

When it comes to design, you have to make sure that the live chat popup is not going to get in the way of other elements. If your popup gets in front of important navigation buttons or there is nowhere for the user to click out and exit, you may find that many of your visitors get frustrated and trash the entire page. This is why it is so important to have a proper design done so you get the function and the look that you need.

Legwork Automation with AI

If you are spending time doing things that you know could be automated, it can be very frustrating and make you want to put a robot in your place. Now with AI, you may be able to do just that. Instead of having to sit there resizing and cropping photos, AI could be taught how to do these time consuming and repetitive tasks.

There are already programs in the works to make designers lives easier in these areas. Adobe is one of the first out of the gate with Sensei which is supposed to enhance human creativity. There is still a lot to be worked on to ensure that things will work the way they are planned to work, but it looks like you’re going to have some help with the mundane soon.

Smarter Design Systems

For those of you that don’t know what a design system is, it is a series of modules, elements and patterns that combine to build the design language of a product or brand.

With AI, there would be the possibility of making your design systems even more powerful and able to do more and more. This can lead to greater productivity and amazing designs that will blow work of years gone by out of the water.

User Experience Personalization

Can we get personal? I’m not sure about you, but I know that AI can. More and more websites are using various data points to help customize the user experience. Whether it be their location, what time of day it is or a personal preference, websites are getting in your face and friendly.

Right now every use for the data points collected has to be sorted through by humans to determined what is to be done with them. In the future when AI takes over, there will be so many options that are decided by AI that the experience will be hyper-personalized. Just imagine visiting a website and reading, “Good morning, Mrs. Jones. How was your mocha latte this morning?” While you might not be able to figure out how AI would know, trust us – it is coming.

Massive Data Analyzing

Every time that you use an app, send an email or perform any other action online, there is data that is created. The amounts of data that is created is crazy to think about and someone is going to analyze it. Or will they? Once AI has been trained to comb through these mounds of information, cross referencing it and pulling out everything that is important, there will be more actionable data to use for business.

Instead of taking years or even a lifetime to look through information, AI would take a fraction of the time and there would be no human error to worry about.


If you are getting a little nervous about the machines taking over, we think you are good – for now designers. It looks like you are just going to have a little extra help in the tasks that you don’t want to be doing anyway. Being able to design and not have to do the mundane day to day tasks but instead task it to AI and come back when it is ready.

As with anything, there are sure to be ups and downs as everyone starts to learn how to best use AI in the their given field. There has to be a lot of patience and experimentation to ensure that everything is working properly before handing over important projects to AI to go solo. Think of it more as a tool vs a replacement and you are going to enjoy the rise of AI much more.

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5 AI Advancements that Will Impact Web Design

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