Top Things Canadians Do Online

Top Things Canadians Do Online

When you walk through several streets in Canada or just grab a coffee in a restaurant in busy streets, you will realise that almost 50 percent and over of the people you see will be staring right down on their smartphones. What will they be staring at? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Well, if you have, below we are going to answer this question for you.

Online Shopping

Research has shown that most people in Canada spend most of their time doing online shopping. This applies to all demographics i.e. the young and the old, males and females. The only difference pertains to what they will be shopping for. In general, there are five things that Canadians shop for online and these are travel arrangements, tickets for entertainment events, purchasing magazines and books, shopping for clothing and jewellery as well as registering for musical concerts. The young mostly spend their time searching for cheap tickets for entertainment events as well as registering for musical concerts while the older folks spend much of their time checking online magazines and books, shopping for clothing as well as booking flights and hotels.

Online Gaming

Canada is one of the most liberal countries when it comes to online gaming and it’s no surprise that many Canadians spend much of their time online playing casino games, social games and video games among others. Research shows that most online gamers in Canada prefer Novibet online casino games followed by video games and then social games. Demographically, most males of all age groups prefer casino games, the same applies to video games. However, females especially the young prefer social games that they play when logged in to their favourite social media sites.

Surfing Porn

This may come as a surprise to many but it’s actually true, most Canadians spend a considerable amount of time online surfing porn. Most porn sites which are open with their business operations state that the highest number of viewers of their content resides in Canada. Additionally, it’s not just watching the free stuff, the highest number of premium subscribers at most porn sites are actually Canadians! Canadian porn lovers need not worry about a thing however as watching porn in Canada is not exactly illegal; the only thing that’s illegal is watching child pornography (under Canadian law child pornography is porn involving people under the age of 18).


Online trading is also popular in Canada. Most people especially the young in Canada are joining the online trading bandwagon. It seems that are almost equal proportions when it comes to citizens engaging in different types of trading, for example, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading and stock trading. The Canadian Dollar is not exactly one of the major forex trading currencies hence most Canadians opt for a pairing that involves the US Dollar. Stock trading is also high with most Canadian traders making their trades using American companies. As Canada is one of the only countries to have clear laws regulating cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, it’s reasonable to understand why cryptocurrency trading is also popular.

Top Things Canadians Do Online

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