Some Considerations For Using Spam Protection Tools For Your Website


Anyone trying to run a website with at least some degree of popularity among users has probably faced the bitter experience of being invaded with spam. This can get very annoying, given the time that needs to be allocated to filter spam activity from real user activity. This is aggravated by the fact that spam gets more intelligent (it’s a real arm race), requiring even more time to filter the content.

Spam Filtering Using APIs

An elegant solution comes in the form of intelligent automated web services that can verify multiple spam-related features and check for blacklisted users. For learning more about cloud anti spam products and blacklist databases, head to, where you can find ways of using an API to check for various signs of spam activity on your website.

The Motivation For A Seamless User Verifying Service

spamIn order to address the problem with spam, many websites have to implement specific tests for all their users to distinguish humans from spam bots. Such tests include:

  • captcha – the most standard example is that of users being required to introduce the numbers seen in a small image. The image purposefully distorts the numbers (size, aspect, position, inclination) in order to prevent decoding by computers (basic machine learning can handle this task). However, this often makes the code hardly readable by humans as well, requiring users to repeat the process multiple times;
  • questions – asking some basic questions about generally known facts can also serve as a proof of being a human;
  • puzzles – this could really take any form – one that is often implemented is selecting images of objects (cars, houses) from a mixture of such images with images depicting other objects. The test is fairly straightforward, but normally, multiple images have to be selected, which steals time as well.

Given all these, it is clear that using a service that provides seamless spam checking (so that the visitors of your website do not even be aware of it) brings significant time, effort, and image benefits.

The Solution

As mentioned, using a seamless cloud based system for spam check and email/user verification is highly efficient. Such services can also be used manually but the great benefit in productivity comes with automating the process by using an API. Typical functionality of such products (as the one mentioned earlier) includes spam protection for:

  • registrations;
  • comments;
  • emails;
  • subscriptions;
  • orders;
  • bookings;
  • widgets;
  • custom web forms.

Such services make use of databases for blacklisted emails/ IP addresses to quickly identify the ones that are associated with spam activity and block these bots (also generating a corresponding log, for the website owner/manager. As a bonus, such services can also check user comments for offensive content by looking for offensive keywords denoting racism, hatred, discrimination, insult, etc. and submitting feedback to the moderators.


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