Unusual Vacation: the 7 Most Extreme Types of Tourism

More people are getting tired of relaxing on a beach, sightseeing tours or skiing – this is already in the past for many travelers. The most desperate ones are trying to diversify their lives with the help of extreme tourism. If you have already tried sailing, gastronomic tours and even top online casinos in Canada then it is time to check out the 7 most extreme types of tourism.


For the first time in history, ancient Egyptians tried skating from sandy slopes. They used wooden “boats” as boards. In addition, they used the stick to push themselves from the sand. However, it is considered the 1960s as the years of the birth of this type of activity. Groups of snowboarders missing the winter slopes came to the sandy areas and performed tricks on a snowboard. Later it became quite common entertainment, which could be practiced by both experienced snowboarders and ordinary amateurs. Sandy slopes are safer due to the softness of the sand, and the temperature allows you to engage in sandboarding all year round.

Diving with sharks

If all the sorts of horror films about cannibal sharks have not scared you, then do diving in South Africa. Traveling companies organize diving with sharks from November to June. The crew of the vessel lures sharks with the help of liver and fish heads. As the sharks gather around the boat, you can dive in a special diving cage.


If you are a skillful mountain skier with an irresistible adrenaline rush, then jump into a helicopter that will carry you to the top of a high mountain. This is more than fascinating adventure: untouched slopes and the virgin beauty of nature will open to your sight. From the height of the mountain, you will be able to think about the descent route and be the first to go down.


The dream of climbing up the Mount Everest never leaves the real climber. Despite this is a very risky adventure more and more people set the goal to do it. The so-called “death zone” on Everest annually takes the lives of several climbers. Even if you are an experienced climber and are not afraid to challenge the largest mountain peak of the Earth, the organization of the expedition will cost at least $ 60 thousand.

Visiting Titanic

Fans of famous drama with Leonardo DiCaprio starring are able to visit the place of death of Titanic. In order to do that, you do not need to be a professional diver now. Several Canadian companies offer excursions on the research vessels equipped with the most modern staff for diving in the world. The price of the excursion is about $40,000.

Space tourism

If you have explored the most sophisticated destinations of Earth, maybe it is time to discover the space. The American company Space Adventures proposes to break out of the limits of gravity and to visit the near-earth orbit. This pleasure will cost $ 25 million. However, Virgin Galactic will soon offer a cheaper alternative. The cost of the flight will be only $ 200 thousand.

Drag Racing

In many countries, there are legal drag racing clubs and schools where beginners are taught all the details of a dangerous hobby. For example, the Drag Racing Schools of USA teach the basics of safety. After passing the course, you can immediately try yourself as a rider on a specially equipped track.

Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that the extreme traveling might happen to you. However, trying once you will remember this experience the rest of your life.


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