Denmark mulls UK-Style Gambling Ad Ban During Live Sports

If the ban is imposed, it is not only the gambling industries that will be affected. The advertising industry is also likely to be hit hard

It goes without saying, most gambling fans are also sports fanatics. Also, sporting events attract millions of viewers from around the word. These two facts make the idea of podcasting gambling adverts during live sports brilliant. With the growth of the online gambling industry, gambling adverts have become a prominent feature during sporting events making it easy for people to find casino sites online. You can hardly finish watching a sporting event without 3 or more adverts popping up. This has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction among the viewers.

In December last year, the UK gambling commission banned gambling adverts during live sports to regulate gambling in the country. The law prohibits the airing of gambling adverts 5 minutes to or 5 minutes after a live sporting event. And many countries were expected to do the same sooner than later.

Denmark appears to be the first country to follow in the footsteps of the United Kingdom. In January, the director of the Danske Spil, Niels Folmann, raised concern on adverts during live sporting events. His concern was that the number of gambling adverts being aired during a single event was too high.

During an interview with the local media, Folmann stated that these adverts affected the peace of the viewers. He openly urged the Danish government to ban all adverts during a live sporting event. This kind of support from the director of a gambling company is an indication that such a ban is very likely to be imposed.

Many political parties have also shown their support for this ban. The Social Democrats, the leading opposition party in Denmark, has said that it will take a bill to the legislature banning adverts during life sport broadcast. This, the party says, “Will happen if the gambling companies in the country do not voluntary agree to consider the idea of this ban.”

Statements made by the minister of civil affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi, show that the government of Denmark is considering this idea. His assertions suggest that the government is likely to limit the ability of gambling operators reaching sports fans.

The calls to ban adverts during live broadcasts of sports in Denmark has intensified after the recent statistic that shows that many Danish citizens are struggling with gambling problems. According to the Spelinspektionen gambling regulatory body, more than 20000 individuals had signed up for the self-exclusion program. Such statistic may fuel the Danish government to impose the ban.

If the ban is imposed, it is not only the gambling industries that will be affected. The advertising industry is also likely to be hit hard.  This is because gambling companies are among the biggest advertising spenders. In 2018, the Kindred Group, gambling operator, ranked second biggest advertising spender in Denmark.

The idea to impose this ban has faced some criticism. The spokesperson of Kindred Group claimed that there is no proof that imposing this ban will have any positive effect the desired goal of reducing the number of gamblers. In his argument, Per Marxen, points out that the ban was only imposed by the UK government in December, and it is too early to determine whether it has positive result.

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