What 2015 taught us about achieving social media success

How many of these alerts apply to your organization?


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EDMONTON, Alta. Dec 30, 2015/ Troy Media/ – It’s started. A steady stream of predictions of how digital sales and marketing will affect business growth in the New Year.

Who to believe? How do these predictions apply to your organization? The to-do-list can be long and arduous, especially if you haven’t yet started to modernize your systems. And what are the implications for your resources?

I can tell you this. There’s been an upsurge of inquiries at all levels about basic strategies, how to manage existing social media programs, and how to think about ROI.

A recent column spoke to the maturation of [popup url=”https://www.troymedia.com/2015/11/27/influencer-marketing-tops-the-charts-in-2015/” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]influencer marketing[/popup]. The Augure Management report said that three of four respondents declared that this approach allowed them to generate new business opportunities and gain greater customer loyalty.

Here’s seven more alerts.

  1. [popup url=”http://maximizesocialbusiness.com/social-media-influence-marketing-ceo-involvement-19613/” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]CEO involvement[/popup]. Social Media Strategist [popup url=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/otaupin” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]Olivier Taupin[/popup] and I started blogging about The Social CEO in mid-2015. Our research also supports the message that CEOs finally are getting on board.
  2. [popup url=”http://maximizesocialbusiness.com/social-media-influence-marketing-include-blogs-18886/” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]Why blogs matter[/popup]. I’ve personally seen how blogs emerge as the nerve centre for corporate strategies. Why? Because they establish you as an authority in your field in a non-threatening way that connects with existing clients and prospects. Regular publication of a blog also establishes you as someone to be trusted. We expect to see more professional blogger platforms in 2016.
  3. Video and live streaming rules. Canada’s favourite social media authority [popup url=”https://ca.linkedin.com/in/meloniedodaro” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]Melonie Dodaro[/popup] recently interviewed 13 digital marketing experts for their predictions for 2015.

Eight of those 13 luminaries talked about the dominance of video and live streaming tools. My own Inner Circle leader Kim Garst who ranks on Forbes’ top 30 social media influencers said this: “While live-streaming isn’t new, apps like Periscope, Facebook Live and Blab have brought live-streaming to the forefront for business owners.”

  1. [popup url=”http://maximizesocialbusiness.com/meeting-challenge-content-snacking-22075/” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]Meeting the challenge of content snacking[/popup]. Are you feeling “Content Fatigue” with so much reading material arriving in your in-box? You’re not alone. Apparently, we’re turning into “snackers,” which means we yearn for the instant gratification of munching on small portions. This all circles back to building relationships with those influencers.
  2. User-generated content (UGC) is picking up speed. Here’s where fans get involved on Instagram and Pinterest. These networks need infographics, photographs, and illustrations for content. You may want to know that Pericope and Snapchat are favoured for their real-time sharing of user-generated content.
  3. Paid influencers. The rise of sponsored content is predicted to fundamentally change relationships with influencers. It’s rising despite the nearly 70 per cent of respondents in the Augure study who don’t believe that influencers should be paid for their services. Companies will need to understand the essential role of influencers in their campaigns, invest more time and money with social media experts in creating relevant content that will enable them to stand out, and integrate these strategies into their budgets just like the ads on Google or Facebook.
  4. [popup url=”http://maximizesocialbusiness.com/fast-growing-influence-social-media-ambassadors-16257/” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]Social media ambassadors[/popup]. In 2015, companies and organizations began to understand the impact that their own personal influence could have on encouraging greater involvement of employees. Since 2013, company advocacy programs have increased by 191 per cent, according to a recent study by Altimeter Group.

How will digital sales and marketing tools affect the growth of your business in 2016?

Troy Media columnist Sharon MacLean is a communications strategist who owned and published a print business magazine for 21 years. She now works to assist clients in digital marketing. Sharon is included in Troy Media’s Unlimited Access subscription plan.

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