Are you really unemployable?

According to self-proclaimed experts, you're unemployable if you've been out of work for over 6 months

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ATLANTA, Georgia Nov 20, 2015/ Troy Media/ – Been in Job Transition for over six months? There are self-proclaimed experts, interviewed throughout the media and quoted ad nauseam, who state that you are unemployable. That’s right, there are “experts” preaching a gospel that you should not even be considered for another job. This propaganda has been repeated so often it is taken as fact.

As a weekly speaker I’ve seen thousands of people in transition over the past five years. The first career meeting I went to had in excess of 300 attendees. My initial thought about that group was that it contained enough talent to populate a decent size company – an impression that has proven accurate.

Losing your job doesn’t diminish the fact that you were good at what you did. Moreover, you’re probably busting your tail doing everything you know to return to the ranks of the employed, leaving those “hefty unemployment checks” in the dust. (If you’re so lucky to be getting benefits.) Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a perfect storm that is forcing outstanding talent (like you) into long-term unemployment.

Could your timing have been worse?

Despite claims that the worst recession since the Great Depression has ended, that the stock market is hitting record highs; and companies are sitting on unprecedented amounts of cash, real unemployment remains stubbornly high. “The majority are older white men, according to the (U.S.) Labor Department, including many college-educated workers who rebounded from job losses earlier in their careers, only to see employment prospects dim in what should be their prime earning years,” according to Northwestern University’s Andrew Sum, Director of the Center for Labor Market Studies.

In the U.S., according to the Department of Labor, the average time in transition is 40.4 weeks. That’s over nine months – on AVERAGE!

So let me see if I understand. The vast majority of those unemployed are in transition more than nine months, but the great experts state that you ‘need not apply’ after only six months. Hmmm . . . Average nine months unemployed, unemployable at six months

According to her LinkedIn profile, the chief perpetrator of the Unemployable Myth has had exactly two jobs. And that first job was as Vice President of Human Resources. So how does someone with ZERO experience become V. P. of Human Resources?

Good question. I wish I had a good answer. The other “job” was at the person’s own company. Nothing wrong with that, but if someone has been out of the field of Human Resources in excess of a decade and has had only a few years’ experience in total, how can one maintain the status of an expert?

Our human resources expert du jour cannot claim 500 LinkedIn connections (the level that most legitimate HR executives consider minimum acceptable), has virtually no endorsements, nor any other experience that one would expect to see from an oracle who can ruin the lives of otherwise valuable candidates.

But she has written a book and, apparently, writing a book and claiming to be a guru is enough to bamboozle everyone.

But with having examined countless people’s experience levels against the background of the “expert”, my conclusion is that YOU are much more deserving of a job and a bright future. You may not choose to take my word for it, but I believe you still have value.

So what can you do now?

My suggestion is that you start by reclaiming your value. You were a good employee in the past and will be an asset to your next employers. Dig into your past to uncover your accomplishments, even group accomplishments. Unearth the keywords that legitimate recruiters seek from people with your title and background. State them on your resume and throughout online profiles. Establish yourself as a Brand that solves companies’ problems.

You ARE employable! You WILL get a job.

Al Smith is co-author of the Amazon Top Rated book, HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era, is a Keynote Speaker, Career Coach and Resume Writer. Al is included in Troy Media’s Unlimited Access subscription plan.

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