Demystifying the mortgage process for consumers

Mike Cameron of Axiom Mortgage talks about why home buyers need to examine all financing possibilities

Mike Cameron is CEO of Axiom Mortgage.

Mike Cameron

What is Axiom and what does it do?

Cameron: Axiom Mortgage is a national mortgage brokerage company. We offer a number of models for today’s mortgage broker.

We offer a full-service brokerage model for independent agents that want the best tools, technology and full-service support for compliance and payroll services. This allows them to focus on creating the best customer experience for their mortgage consumer.

We also offer a network or licensee model that allows smaller independent brokerages the opportunity to tap into our national supplier relationships, as well as leading industry tools such as technology.

Can you explain the growing importance of technology in your industry?

Cameron: As with any industry, technology continues to grow in importance. Consumer expectations are such that mortgage brokers need a technology platform that allows them to strengthen the customer experience as well as increasing the feeling of a deep personal connection. In short, customers want to be able to access data and provide information in a user-friendly platform that they access on their own time.

There’s still a significant need for the ‘feeling’ of a personal touch when it comes to things like personal finance. The key is to be able to balance the demand for the advantages technology provides without losing that personal touch.

How can independent mortgage brokers grow their business?

Cameron: I feel like you’re likely looking for some deep, meaningful words of wisdom here but the reality is as with any sales position if you want to do more business, talk to more people. I have a framework that I teach sales people that helps them both overcome objections and create lasting relationships with their customers. I teach them to 1. Ask questions, 2. Tell stories and 3. Be Authentic.

  • We ask questions for two reasons. First to find out where our customers are at in the sales process and secondly to help shape our customers’ way of thinking. For example, there is no point in a 20-minute presentation on the value of a mortgage broker if our customer already buys into that concept. Secondly, by asking questions that get the consumer to come up with the answers themselves we build a stronger bond of trust.
  • By utilizing the power of story when either handling objections or demonstrating the value of features, we can create an emotional connection with our consumer.
  • There is no other you. It’s your unique characteristics that set you apart. Deliver information in your style, your methodology. There’s no need to try to compete because no one else is you.

Why do most people seek mortgages through traditional channels such as a bank? Is that trend changing?

Cameron: Many seek mortgage financing through the big banks due to familiarity and a perceived sense of security.

The reality is that it is that blind loyalty that gets penalized. Sadly, it’s the loyal consumer who ends up paying more.

The trend is definitely changing. Customers are demanding more and the traditional channels are not necessarily equipped to deliver it. Especially in today’s environment, more and more consumers are seeking the services of a professional mortgage broker. With all of the regulatory changes we’ve seen over the last five years, demystifying the mortgage process requires more specialized knowledge and expertise than ever before.

The reality is that those in the financial services sector who don’t specialize in mortgages have a near impossible time keeping up with all of the changes in products, rules and requirements. Couple the fact that a broker can shop a number of suppliers to find you the best rate on a product that’s right for you and there’s no question why the trend is changing.

I see that you’re a keynote speaker as well. What do you speak about and what’s your main message to people?

Cameron: For over two decades, I’ve talked about the impact that emotion has on human behaviour. I’ve spoken about how to utilize this in the context of sales and leadership. In sales, we can build trust by tapping into and making an emotional connection with our customers and as leaders we need to speak to emotion if we want to rally those around us to a shared vision.

More recently, the messages has been shifted to a broader context after my girlfriend was murdered by an ex-boyfriend who subsequently took his own life. My message to men in particular is that it’s OK to feel. It’s about the pursuit of emotional mastery in order to learn one’s true self and therefore purpose. I teach men to reconnect with their emotional selves in order to build deeper relationships and a more fulfilled life.

In a corporate context, I teach leadership and sales people how to master emotional connection with those around them.

My three most popular keynotes are:

  • The Brand of Me: The Science and Story of Authentic Selling
  • When somethings gotta change it might be you: Leading success even when sh– happens
  • Redefining Badass: The way men think about strong is wrong

– Mario Toneguzzi

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