Recruiters shy away from hiring Millennials

74 per cent of business leaders believe Millennials lack the work ethic needed to get the job done

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ATLANTA, Georgia Dec 17, 2015/ Troy Media/ – I hate to break this news to you, Millennials, but the people who do the hiring say you don’t have what it takes to hold down a job.

In fact, a survey of over 3,000 recruiters, managers, parents, educators and students by KRC Research for Bentley University showed that 74 per cent of business leaders believe you lack the work ethic of previous generations needed to get the job done. Even 52 per cent of your fellow Millennials agreed with that assessment.

So how can you take this knowledge of the disdain employers hold for your generation and make it work for you in your job search? By showing employers you have the work ethic they seek while the other grads and Millennials they’re interviewing are detestable slackers.

Just being aware of what recruiters actually think of your fellow Millennials gives you a leg up on your competitors – even those more qualified than you – because you will be able to stress to recruiters that you possess both the hard-skill experience and soft skills such as integrity, professionalism and a positive attitude that your future employer is looking for.

Here’s an example of one Millennial who took my advice to heart:

I met with a very impressive recent graduate who speaks multiple languages, has international business experience (her area of study), worked her way through college, is active in a number of groups, etc. She’s literally the antithesis of hiring managers’ prejudice against the youth of Americas.

She couldn’t understand why so many of her girlfriends, none of whom had the qualifications she possessed, were employed while she was not.

I can only wish that you could have seen the look on her face when I did a bit of role-play, with me presenting her case to a hiring authority:

“Doesn’t the lack of work ethic from most of the people of my generation get under your skin? So many feel that their degree alone should be enough to satisfy a hiring manager. They desire a job in international sales and marketing, but have they worked outside the country? Have they ever earned a paycheck or even interned? Or did they just guzzle beer and play for four years?

As opposed to them, I have worked steadily since I was 13. I worked throughout my college years to pay for much of my tuition and all my spending money. One of the jobs was an internship in Spain during my junior year; I was fully immersed in the company’s marketing efforts and the country’s culture. In another position, I was on a team that created the marketing material that was included in our World Cup (Brazil) packages. Of all the people in my age group, I know no one who as willing to get their hands dirty as me.

Would you hire her? I sure as heck would! (Google did . . . and in less than a year she will be heading a team in Mexico City for them.)

Al Smith, co-author of the Amazon Top Rated book, [popup url=”” height=”600″ width=”600″ scrollbars=”0″]HIRED! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era[/popup], is a Keynote Speaker, Career Coach and Resume Writer. Al is included in Troy Media’s Unlimited Access subscription plan.

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