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Essay writing is one of the most daunting and essential tasks that everyone must master at least once in a lifetime. All academic institutes demand excellent essay writing skills. However, it is even more challenging to make an essay interesting for the reader. Below are beneficial college essay writing tips.

Best 7 Tips for Writing Interesting Essay

Read The Essay Prompt Carefully

If you are a student and your professor asks you to write an essay, what will be your first step? Most students look at the topic and start writing the essay. The biggest mistake you might make is to not read the prompt carefully before the writing. An essay prompt contains a detailed guide on the writing instructions, for example, the style of writing, keywords you have to input, and various other instructions that the reader requires. Ensure you are fully aware of the instructions and understand the kind of essay that the professor requires. A student might be in a hurry to complete the essay and ignore the prompt altogether, and this act might have drastic consequences on the essay itself. You might even get an F grade! So be careful. Ensuring that you understand the prompt results in excellent writing and makes the essay more interesting to read and write. It is also essential to check the prompt first to access all the weaknesses in that part of the essay and correct them beforehand. However, if you are still confused and lack essay writing skills, don’t worry. People write college essays for money, and you can easily ask them to assist you and develop the necessary skills.

Choose a Topic

Now that you have read the prompt, carefully look at what the instructions require. Most essays require choosing a topic. It is integral to choose a topic you are most comfortable with. Many students spend a short time analyzing every topic. They go with whatever seems easy without any relevant research. To make an essay interesting, you must choose an exciting topic. Try finding a topic that is information-rich on the web, and its resources are easily accessible. Students who spend no time on researching different topics often fail in producing an exciting essay. The topic must lie inside your domain, and you should have complete command over it. Some topics have an abundance of information available in books and the internet; others require compulsive research, and they have multiple barriers to access to the information. Try choosing a topic that contains loads of information so that you can excellently present the essay. Various essay writing examples available on the internet for you to study and learn. These tips for writing essay will help you in crafting quality content in college life.

Best 7 Tips for Writing Interesting Essay

Create an Outline

Whenever someone asks me for tips on writing college essay, I always ask them to craft a proper outline before starting with the writing. An essay outline is the structure of your essay. It helps in allocating the information spread throughout the essay. The outline also contains the main points in the form of headings that are further elaborated while writing the essay’s body. To make an essay intriguing and captivating for the reader, you must first create an outline and then start with the actual writing. Another innovative idea to create an outline is to mention headings of relevant points on the document and then start writing under those headings. This will help you understand better and stay on track for the essay. An example of a three-paragraph body essay outline is given below:

  • Introduction

Thesis Statement

  • Body

Paragraph 1 Heading

Paragraph 2 Heading

Paragraph 3 Heading

  • Conclusion

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Use Some Figurative Language

An interesting essay is a persuasive one. There are many tips for writing a persuasive essay; one uses figurative language while writing. Using figurative language means to extend beyond the literal meanings of words and phrases to get your message to the reader. Using figurative language boosts the reader’s interest and helps craft a more visual and clear picture of the argument you are trying to convey to the reader. An example of figurative language can be using the analogy of water dripping from a hole in the bucket as the gradual decay of a radioactive element with time. Analogies like these can help in creating a more grasping image of the essay for the reader.

Write in Active Voice

Using active voice rather than passive voice will quickly convert your essay from a boring one to an interesting one. An active voice clears the tone of your sentences and makes the essay more feasible to read. It eliminates all ambiguity in writing and helps in boosting the integrity of the essay. Furthermore, it results in a more vibrant and dynamic style of writing, which the reader appreciates. The reader also feels fully involved and energetic while going through the essay.

Avoid Repetitive Phrasing

Nothing makes an essay more boring than repeating statements and phrases. To increase the word count, many students repeat statements and type the same things repeatedly in different ways. Repeating statements give an unprofessional outlook to the essay and lets the reader know that you started the essay without gathering information or doing proper research. Always go prepared and avoid using clichés. However, if you are still struggling with reaching the word count of an essay, writing services like WriteMyEssayForMe can help develop your skills and even help you buy pre-written essays.

Best 7 Tips for Writing Interesting Essay

Conclusion And Proofreading

Writing a decent and captivating conclusion is very important in creating an impressive essay. A conclusion is supposed to summarize the arguments you presented, and it should re-ignite your thesis statement. Ensure that you do not add any new information in your conclusion, as it should only summarize the whole body. Lastly, don’t forget to thoroughly proofread the whole essay to guarantee that you haven’t omitted any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Congratulations! Your essay is no more boring.


Writing an impressive essay may be a hectic and challenging job. But it is one of the most essential skills that you must acquire to succeed in college life. These tips on writing an essay may help refine your skills and help you craft perfect and beautiful essays.

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