Why music is an important part of education

A masters in music education can broaden your career options as well as giving you a greater understanding of music and its uses

Children who play an instrument often have greater levels of self-confidence

CALGARY, Alta. Mar. 22, 2017/ Troy Media/ – Over the last few years, the importance of music to education has been called into question. Many teachers, parents and politicians have been calling for music to be replaced, with a greater focus on computers and sciences going forward. Many wonder what music can give to the curriculum when so few students end up in a related career.

However, school and education aren’t just about preparing children for a future career; they are about building a rounded education, and allowing children many different learning experiences. Here are just a few of the reasons music is so important in schools.


Very young children cannot express themselves effectively through speech. Even older children, and some adults, struggle. So, offering them as many ways to express themselves as possible helps them learn, develop, understand, and grow their own personalities. Music is a wonderful, creative, form of expression, which gives children a chance to improve their emotional development.


Music is fun and fun is an essential part of a child’s development. Schools are growing more serious all the time. There is more homework, more tests and exams, and less play than there used to be. Having fun is a necessary part of a child’s life. It helps them learn and reduces their stress levels.

Language development

Music helps to develop the left side of the brain, which is important for language development. Children who learn with music from an early age often have better language and reasoning skills, and a wider vocabulary.


Many of us remember the lyrics to our favourite songs and can sing along as soon as we hear them. But, we’d struggle to recite a book in the same way. Music is an exceptionally good way at improving memory, which assists education generally and helps students perform better in exams.


Music lessons are a way for children to enjoy school and become more involved in extracurricular activities. Children that enjoy school and are involved in school life often do better. Music and sports are two of the best options.

Team work

For children that don’t enjoy sports, there often isn’t much chance for them to work on their team work skills. Music gives them this opportunity. Playing as part of a band, orchestra, or joining the choir allows children to work on their organization, team work, and teaches them to have respect for others.

Self confidence

Children who play an instrument often have greater levels of self-confidence. Music offers them attainable learning goals, which they enjoy meeting. They then feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Music also offers them an alternative way to deal with anxiety as they get older.

If you are interested in learning more about music, or how music can help in schools and other walks of life, consider an online MME degree. A masters in music education can broaden your career options as well as giving you a greater understanding of music and its uses.

Music is a wonderful thing, so why shouldn’t it be a part of our children’s schooling?

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