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The spread of COVID-19 is affecting offices all around the world. The strict measures most countries have in place are there to protect the people and reduce the spread of the virus. Most of us probably never imagined living the way we do today with social distancing measures in place and mask wearing compulsory in most places. Here are 5 ways to protect yourselves and your employees by keeping your office clean during this pandemic, and habits to get into for the future as well.

5 Ways to Keep Your Office Clean During the Pandemic

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  1. Limit Surface Touching

With modern technology as progressed as it is, there is no valid reason to have employees touching more surfaces than absolutely necessary. Doors can open automatically, or can be pushed with a shoulder or a foot to avoid touching high-contact handles or knobs. Motion sensing faucets can limit the exposure risk after washing hands.

  1. Choose Furniture That Is Easy To Clean

We all know the importance of choosing furniture for our homes that is easy to clean. The same extends to the workplace. Choosing this kind of furniture will enable your cleaning crew to clean more effectively and more efficiently, which will greatly benefit your employee’s health.

  1. Clean Regularly

Have your office spaces cleaned and disinfected regularly and thoroughly. Focus particularly on high-traffic areas such as printer rooms, kitchens, entry ways and restrooms. Have these areas cleaned multiple times during the day, this will not only benefit the health and wellness of your employees during the pandemic now but also create clean habits for the future. Having clean spaces will keep away unwanted pests and prevent allergic reactions from dust mites and mildew. If you do have pest problems and are in the Tampa area in Florida, have this issue addressed by a professional exterminator from Tampa.

  1. Encourage Clean Habits

Have cleaning and sanitizing stations set up in high-traffic areas and passageways to encourage your employees to wash and sanitise their hands frequently during the day. Supply surface sanitizers as well so your employees can sanitise their computer equipment and telephones etc. It is particularly important to have items that are touched often sanitized and disinfected thoroughly, such as printers and copiers. Caring about the health and wellbeing of your employees is an appreciated company value that is not overlooked in stock market returns.

  1. Avoid Food Messes

We all know how tempting it is to grab a bite to eat at your desk when you are having a busy day. This may be acceptable from time to time when you are in a pinch but, if you can, try and avoid eating or drinking at your desk and not just to keep it clean. Crumbs and spills will inevitably happen and end up creating a bacterial breeding ground – and over time cause stains that are hard to remove.

We have to rethink the way we live and work. Not just for the unprecedented times we are living in currently, but for the future too. We need to cultivate a work culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of every employee.

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