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7 Skin Health Rules for the Summer

Summer is a time of year where many of us feel our best and the appearance of our skin is one of the main reasons why we feel so good about ourselves. The extra sunshine gives our skin a summer glow, which makes us look healthier and more radiant. Unfortunately, as much as a tan makes us feel good, it causes a lot of damage to our skin. To help you get the most out of the lovely weather while maintaining the health of your skin, here are seven skin health rules you should follow this summer.

Avoid Hot Showers

The first thing you can do to take care of your skin during the summer is to avoid hot showers. This is because they can dehydrate your skin, which will most likely be dryer than normal if you have spent your day in the sun. Turning down the temperature of your water can benefit your health as well as your skin. Also, you should avoid taking a shower more than twice a day.

Moisturize While Damp

If you want healthy skin, then you should make sure you keep it well hydrated by moisturizing twice a day, ideally straight after you have had a shower. When your skin is damp, it will be more receptive to lotion. This means it will absorb it faster while forming a repellent layer, which will lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated for a longer period of time.

Wear Sun Protection

Wearing sun protection during the summer is essential, to reduce the impact of sun damage on your body. Sunblock is the main product we go for. However, using eye cream that contains SPF, a hydrating lip balm, and even a UV-protective hair styling balm, will keep your skin and hair safe and healthy. You should also consider wearing a hat and UV-proof sunglasses to protect your face and eyes.

Read Your Sunblock

You should do your research before purchasing sunblock. This will help you to understand the level of protection the product provides and how often you need to reapply it, especially if you have spent the day sweating excessively or swimming. The packaging will usually provide the information you need to stay safe, so make sure you read the instructions before applying to your skin.

Use Lightweight Products

Using thick, heavy, and rich moisturizers and creams should be avoided during the summer. To allow your skin to breathe, you should consider using nourishing serums and lightweight gels to keep your skin healthy, supple, and soft. To ensure your skin is well-hydrated during the summer, use a hydrating serum made with hyaluronic-acid, as this will deliver deep, lasting hydration to your skin. ‘You may also try skin treatments from Roswell’s famous Botox providers that will prevent the visibility of your wrinkles.

Consider Self-Tanners

We are all aware of the negative effects that harmful UV rays from the sun have on our skin. During the summer, many of us will be tempted to build up a natural tan by lying in the sunshine for hours on end, but this should be avoided as much as possible. Instead, you should consider building up your tan by using self-tanners. This way you get a healthy glow without the unhealthy side effects.

Cool-Down Kits

Unfortunately, some of us will get carried away and enjoy the hot weather a little too much, which can lead to overheated skin and damage. To treat this, you should keep a number of after-sun products at home to cool down and soothe your skin quickly. Some of the products you need include mineral-water mist, burn-relief spray, and aloe vera lotion.

Keeping your skin safe and taking extra care of it during the summer is vital for your long-term health and should be a main priority during the summer months.

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