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Canada has a global reputation for being an entrepreneurial nation. It is home to global leaders like Shopify and Canada Goose, while the country’s top 400 companies have exhibited a staggering 511% growth in the three previous years. How can your company match their success? Successful marketing is key – and looking to other niche markets, like the online casino industry, can offer some insight on strategies.

Lessons in marketing from the online casino world

The online casino sector has boomed over the past decade, as gambling enthusiasts cherish the idea of playing favorite games like roulette and poker in a digital setting. Yet this success has also led to a large number of competitors setting up shop online. How can an online casino reach out to potential customers and grab their attention? It all comes down to marketing – and there is nothing like a good monetary incentive. Online casinos have made a habit out of offering bonuses to prospective players. The situation results in a win-win, as the customer gets to try the service for free, and the online casino is given the valuable opportunity to win the client over.

Welcome bonuses and free samples

If you take a look across the best Canadian online casino bonuses, there are several strategies to try out. Most providers offer a welcome bonus – also called sign-up bonus. This means that if a player registers on the site for the first time, they automatically get funds in their account to use in the blackjack table or in poker. This is a smart way to attract buyers for your business, too – offering a welcome bonus like a free sample, much like casinos offer free spins, means that your client can try your product for free and they will have the chance to know that they like it and prefer it over competitors next time they buy. It is also useful when you are selling a service – a welcome bonus could then be transformed into offering the first of a series of sessions for free.

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Reward systems: treat your clients like VIPs

Another good strategy employed by online casinos is loyalty and VIP clubs. Loyalty schemes reward returning customers with a bonus. In the online gambling world, this could be free credit for the roulette or craps, but in your industry, it could be getting an extra product or session for free. VIP clubs are another important part of any sound business marketing strategy. These reward those VIP customers who make high purchases or use your services more than anyone – they could range from upgrading them to a special treatment to getting assigned a specific employee for personalized service.

Going digital

Last but not least, let’s not forget the most fundamental trait of online casinos: the simple fact that they have an established digital presence. Research shows that 56% of US customers plan to do holiday shopping online. This means that online shopping tops the list, with department stores ranking second with 53% and discount stores third at 51%. Local businesses get only 23% of prospective customers – so especially if you are a local Canadian business, it is important to have your own website. This can allow clients to find information about you more easily, buy products in your e-shop hassle-free, and contact you online any time of the day.

marketing tricks

Starting a new business and devising your own marketing strategy is not easy. Sometimes, looking to very different but booming business sectors like online casinos can offer insight on tips and tricks to boost your sales from the very first day.

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