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Can You be a Christian and Work in Advertising?

There are many different types of advertising, and most people imagine product sales if asked about their understanding of an advertising job. However, there are a few different forms of advertising, from magazines to radio to social media management. This category of work can take you to many places, and creative opportunities are often endless. Possessing great communication skills and a good work ethic are vital qualities when it comes to conducting yourself in an advertising job.

As a Christian, pursuing an advertising career may cause you to wonder what the right way to go is; you might even question if God would be pleased with your chosen position before applying for a role.  From a Christian point of view, work is part of God’s big picture. No matter what part you play in your job, all work matters to God as our drive, enthusiasm towards work, and hardworking attitude mean something in the Christian life.

As we are created with individual skills and capabilities, it is important to follow your heart and recognize your calling. Overall, there is nothing wrong with following a career in advertising if you are a Christian. However, it is important that you consider your Christian beliefs and values when choosing your career path.

What Do People Who Work in Advertising Do?

Assignments vary within different advertisement roles. People who commit themselves tend to be creative and artistic, with a genuine passion to engage with people and communicate with clients and the public. Generally, people who work in advertising work with printing, broadcasting, and digital advertisements, specializing in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio stations, and the media. The goal is usually to promote a service, idea, product, or news topic to the public eye. People who work in advertising commonly manage tasks using visual strategies to solve problems and create adverts. There are numerous key roles required in advertisement jobs, offering lots of options depending on your abilities. Just a few of the key roles are:

  • Media Planner
  • Creative Director
  • Account Manager
  • Brand Strategist
  • Digital Illustrator

Questions to Ask to Avoid Immoral Situations in Advertising

As a Christian, there are certain methods you probably will not be comfortable applying in your work life. Be cautious and question if the firm you are joining shares similar principles and values to you. You may want to avoid companies that display inappropriate or morally offensive adverts. Research the firms you are interested in before accepting a job offer. This will help you determine if the firm complies with your standards.

A lot of advertisement and promotion tactics are seen as ways to manipulate customers and be dishonest to gain attention and hit sales targets, making it difficult for Christians to embrace this practice. Some ethics in advertising may cause concerns, but it does not mean you should avoid advertising completely. Most marketing agencies encourage honest and clear approaches to succeed, varying in standards and attitudes. A few questions you may need to ask yourself are:

  • Does the company produce tasteful adverts?
  • Is the company known for advertising abhorrent products?
  • What kind of clientele does the company attract?
  • Does the company have a good reputation?
  • What kind of values do its managers adhere to?

The Best Kind of Advertising Jobs for Christians

Advertising companies like plumbing services or modest clothing manufacturers are examples of honest work that will not be harmful to your views. If you really want to thrive and progress in an advertisement job, marketing specifically for Christian brands and companies could also be a great option to explore. Degrees in advertising are even available in Christian colleges, for instance, the Central Christian College of Kansas (CCCK).

Christian Values and Personal Beliefs

Being a Christian, the gift of understanding that nothing in the world is perfect is given to us freely. Put your awareness of this into practice in the workplace, as no working environment is going to be perfect. A Christian’s purpose is to glorify God in everything that you do, regardless of the situation or the role, so follow your instincts in always doing what is right.

No matter what form of advertising you go in to, see it as an opportunity to inspire others with your truthful and committed outlook on life, contributing positivity to both colleagues and customers. As a whole, do not worry about the actions of others within the business, as ultimately your personal trust in God is the most important factor in everything.

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