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Gambling laws around the globe can vary significantly and some can be quite difficult to interpret properly. You will find that there are many different loopholes in some countries where what is defined as illegal in terms of gambling, is actually possible to do without being prosecuted. Canada is a perfect example of this and although technically online gambling hosting is illegal, there are companies who make themselves available to Canadian citizens from nearby locations.

Here, we are going to look at some of the online gambling laws in Canada. Keep reading to find out more.

Canada Law

Gambling in some areas of Canada is quite contentious, however, there are now relaxed laws in terms of land-based casinos. You will find many casinos now based in Canada that have many tables and slots. These may not be Vegas style however they still exist, and it seems to be a growing industry as popularity continues to grow. In terms of online gambling, the law states that the local provinces can make decisions on gambling within these areas. The countries overall governing bodies have forced this delegation as they do not grant local companies to operate licences for internet casinos. Every province will have the permission to legalise specific types of gambling that may be operated through a computer within their own territory borders. This then opens the door for the province to make a call. There is a very clear contradiction in the law which should be clarified. The Criminal Code of Canada states that it is only the government and its provinces that may operate gambling in any form. Another twist to this story is that the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation has received permission to provide its very own casino site to its players. This has been considered illegal and the Canadian Attorney General has ruled on this. Despite this, there has been no action taken with the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation and the site is in operation.

online gambling laws

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Playing Online In Canada

Although companies are not allowed to host gambling websites from the Country of Canada, people in Canada are able to gamble on websites that are not hosted from within their country. You will find it to be common practice for gambling sites for a lot of countries to be hosted in places like Malta and Gibraltar. Many online casinos offer their services to Canadian players and this is something which is seen around the world. Click here to see a site that encourages players from other countries to sign up and enjoy casino games when they want.

Despite some efforts from companies within Canada trying to legalise online gambling, the Canadian government aren’t budging. This is unfortunate for Canada as if they updated their own laws in a transparent and fair way, the companies would potentially register in Canada and therefore be subject to the Canadian tax laws and regulations and the country would benefit. A difficulty that some players find when playing on a site that is not registered in Canada is the fact that some of the countries local payment methods are not accepted. This is something which online casinos targeting Canadian players are aiming to fix.

Canada’s Land Based Casinos

There are no real issues in terms of land-based casinos being authorised licensees and although this was previously illegal, there have been many updates to the legislation that has made this pretty much quite an easy process to get approval. Previously, this was limited to things such as lotto and scratch card games but through time this has been extended to casino premises. Canada has a lot of tourists visiting their country with over 25 million in a year and a lot of these people are coming to visit not only the beautiful landmarks and nature but also the casinos. Some of the casinos in Canada include:

Casino Niagara – One of the most famous landmarks in Canada is the Niagara Falls where thousands of people come to visit this spectacular scene every day. Based right at the side of these falls is a massive casino complex. Casino Niagara is matched with being not only a casino but an overall complex that has a hotel. There are lots of rooms available that look directly onto the falls which makes this overall experience awesome. This casino opened in 1996 and boasts to have over 13,000 slot machines, 30 tables but also a special poker table.

Casino de Montreal – Based in Quebec, the Montreal casino is situated on the banks of Notre Dam. This large casino is one of the most modern ones in the country and advertises their jackpot promotions in both French and English. There are over 100 different gaming tables and 20,000 slot games. A lot of the slot games they have based in this casino boast $1 million jackpots.

Caesars Windsor Casino – The Caesars Windsor Casino and Hotel is based in Ontario. As this casino is operated by Caesars then you can expect all the same top-quality perks you would see from all casinos within this brand. There is also an affiliation to the Caesars rewards program that makes this specifically rewarding and allows people to top up their VIP reward points that can be converted to real cash.


The very fact that it is technically illegal for Canada to host online gambling does not seem to have deterred people from playing online gambling. Whether they use sites registered in another country, play on the Kahnawake Mohawk Nation casino site or the local provinces find a way to legalise within the boundaries, people are finding a way to play casino and slot games online.

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