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The style and manner of dressing in each country are as different as the national culture, cuisine or politics. Sometimes, at one glance at a person’s clothes, one can understand where the person came from. This article finds out what Canadian people wear and goes a little deeper into its fashion history.

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  1. Clothes

French colonization of eastern Canada began in the 17th century. The settlers were tied with clothes, so the only one option was ready-made clothes. It was made on the spot with imported fabric or, sometimes, of leather.

With the advent of cities, rich men and women dressed in elegant clothes, similar to those worn in France. However, between the appearance of style in Europe and its appearance in Canada there was a year gap since ships from the continent came only once a year.

From the 17th to the end of the 19th-century women wore top and bottom separately. However, at the end of the 18th century corset bodices, shirts (underwear to the knees, which could be used for working classes as blouses), skirts (skirts), aprons and hats appeared on the market. That was some kind of a revolution in the local fashion industry.

Big Canadian clothes producing began in the 20th century, when local companies realized that there is a time for hiring their personal professional designers.

If you read blogs about Canada, you can find that opinions about the style of Canadian girls differ. Indigenous Canadians, in the first place, appreciate comfort and neatness in clothes. Here women wear T-shirts, shirts, jeans, sneakers, and backpacks even in the office.

A lot of people consider Canadians to be very stylish as they always prefer to look well-groomed. Despite the simplicity of clothing, Canadian girls love accessories – in particular, jewellery. Jewellery can be found in any store and of any price category.

  1. Favourite brands

Canadians respect local shops. In Toronto, girls dress in Walmart and Marshalls department stores. These are fairly large stores, featuring various brands of clothing, shoes, accessories for both sexes and children, and household goods. Canadians also value Mark’s store, where casual clothing is sold.

  1. Hair and makeup

Canadian women like to experiment with haircuts and make-up. As for the hair color, the majority prefers to be blondes. And in make-up, the girls’ favorite dress is red lips. Teenage girls can be found with blue, purple or pink hair, short fringes and, in general, some bright ornaments on the head.

If you want to see last centuries’ clothing, and different collections, they are kept in the Royal Ontario Museum, the Canadian McCord Museum of History and the Museum of Fashion History.

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