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Gigadat Inc Makes a Broader Push into Online Gambling with Interac

You may not have heard of the name just yet, but Gigadat Inc is a Canadian financial services provider that is sky rocketing to the top of the industry. How are they doing that? By connecting Canadian consumers and merchants such as e-retailers, via their simple Pay-in and Pay-out solutions. In fact, Gigadat is able to provide e-merchants with access to a full 100% of Canadian consumers, a feat which in itself is quite remarkable.

Gigadat is still fairly new, and consists of a dedicated team of Canadian payment and finance experts, that specialise in handling the needs of today’s e-merchants. As more and more of the world begins to migrate to a cashless society, where digital transactions are now the norm, smart companies like Gigadat are perfectly poised to ensure that the transition is a smooth one for both sides of the consumer coin.

Gigadat is able to achieve this by creating unique ‘eco systems’ for their e-retail clientele, by closely analysing a variety of metrics that specifically relate to that industry. By understanding the needs of individual e-retailers, Gigadat is able to create highly safe and secure online banking solutions, tailor made to that business and within that given industry.

Digital Payments Account for 96% of all Transactions

In just under two decades, the world as we know it has fundamentally changed. One of the biggest ways that this shift is most apparent lies in how we pay for the things that we want or that we need. Based on various surveys conducted across Canada, we know that digital payments account for 96% of all transactions conducted throughout Canada annually

The staggering fundamental shift in how Canadians now choose to conduct their payments and purchases, are partly what led Gigadat to form its services, to facilitate secure online banking payment solutions in the digital realm.  Interac e-Transfer is used by 80 percent of all Canadians and represents a very large market. Moreover, their mission statement is to connect Canadian consumers with e-retailers from across the globe, in a safe and easy to use environment.

The Move into Online Gambling

In an effort to expand its reach and continue its philosophy of connecting all Canadian consumers to e-retailers via safe, secure and highly sophisticated digital payment solutions, Gigadat Inc has begun to make a broader push into the massive online gambling industry.

Online gambling is the fastest growth industry in Canada, and more and more online casino operators are now opening their virtual doors to players from all over Canada. However, many Canadian players have complained about the lack of dedicated payment options that are exclusively for Canadians that offer safe and fast connectivity to Canadian financial institutions, and processing in Canadian Dollars.

This is where Gigadat is making a significant push into the Canadian online gambling market with their unique Interac payment solution. Interac is a payment option that many experienced Canadian online gamblers are already quite familiar with, as the Interac payment option has been in use for quite some time.

Perfect Payment Solution for Online Gambling in Canada

Interac is the perfect payment solution for the needs of Canadian online gamblers for a number of reasons. For one, Interac is an exclusively Canadian payment solution, which means that Canadian gamblers no longer have to worry about converting CAD into another currency before depositing or withdrawing their funds.

Another great reason why Interac is quickly becoming the preferred payment option for most Canadian online casino gamblers, is that it provides instant deposits and fast withdrawals, directly from your player account to your preferred financial institution, without needing to create any additional accounts or registrations along the way.

Moreover, Gigadat Inc and Interac e-Transfer are now the fastest growing Canadian online casino payment solutions for the online gambling industry, as more and more casino and sports betting operators see the benefits of offering Interac to their Canadian players. This means that, as a Canadian gambler, you’ll have far more choices available to you of where you can gamble or bet on sports, which is always a win.

Interac is highly functional, and connects with over 250 Canadian financial institutions, so the odds of your specific financial institution not being on that list are quite low. Once the funds (or winnings) have been processed through your casino, Interac alerts you via text message and prompts you to answer a security question (predefined) and, once you’ve answered that, the funds will be in your account immediately. What could be simpler?

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