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How ‘Taxing The Rich’ Makes Everyone A Part Of A Sinking Boat

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In the past years, there’s been a rise in earning large sums of income and this resulted in luxury product purchases. To tackle this situation and bring an equality for tax payments, the federal government has decided to impose luxury taxes on products. The luxury products’ list involves private jets, yachts and cars and this month’s taxes are an example of how luxury taxes work. To know about luxury tax and how the government puts an effort to balance its economy.

‘Tax The Rich’ And What It Means

Policies like luxury taxes are imposed when it comes to making the rich pay for their income to the government. This involves a list of luxury products and during the purchase of those high taxes are to be paid. Theoretically it sounds like a great policy because the rich can afford to pay taxes but the indirect effects of it are long lasting and can further dwindle the economic situation. That is due to the lack of support it provides to entrepreneurship, investment and innovation within a country which are the foundation to a boosted economy.

For the theoretical definition and an explanation of taxing the rich, here’s a summarized view of what it means.

  1. A raise within the income tax for federal corporation and the tax rate is increased from 15-18%
  2. The capital gain inclusion rate is increased from 50-75%
  3. For wealth exceeding %10M, you’re liable to paying 1% of it in taxes
  4. The income tax rate is increased from 30-35% for a specified income range#

The Downside Of Luxury Tax

An increase in the capital gains could be a potential damage indicator for the Canadian competition internationally. To back that with solid evidence, by further taxation, the foregin investment rate could penalize the small businesses’ transfer of capital funding. Plus, it’d affect the strength of attracting international firms and markets that could lead to less corporate profits and lower growth in productivity.

Moreover, an increase in the wealth tax directly underestimates investments and other savings personally or within a business. Resultantly, this leads to a downfall of a country’s economic growth.

Analysis On Luxury Taxes

As an analysis, taxing the rich can apparently be great and hypothetically there are great results that can be expected. Meanwhile, the long term effects get ignored and they result in less productivity where the employees work less and the country’s economic growth faces a drag. Plus, due to the tax hikes, small industries that are already struggling with investments lead to a shortfall in revenue generation due to lack of products manufactured within the labor market.

Smart Investments On An Individual Level

On an individual scale, luxury taxes don’t only affect the rich but it affects the overall population because these rich are the ones who make individuals a part of consumerism and earn from it to pay their taxes. Hence, this is where you need to be more productive and imply smart investment options. With technological advancements, Bitcoin code, a smart crypto trading software collects, analyzes and provides you with the best crypto investment options that result in high yields and profits. Through bitcoin code, you can now earn a significant profit to boost the overall growth with.


Hence, the government should know that the rich paying taxes means they’re going to make sure everyone pays more and it’s not only them who become the front warriors of a sinking boat.

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