How to Buy CBD Oil Safely Online

When it comes to buying CBD, getting it online is usually safer than getting it in stores. Online you can buy straight from manufacturers, but it’s hard to verify the precedence of a CBD oil at a store. That said, even when buying online, there are still precautions you should take. Here’s how you can avoid falling into a CBD scam.

1 – Buy from the manufacturer

As mentioned above, one of the advantages of buying online is being able to order your CBD straight from manufacturers. By cutting out the people in the middle, you can get better prices, and you’ll be able to make sure that the CBD in question wasn’t altered in any way.

If you must buy from a reseller, just make sure you don’t get it from a site like Amazon or eBay. It’s hard to verify the quality of a CBD product in such platforms, especially since positive reviews can be bought in bulk. To make matters worse, CBD products aren’t even allowed on Amazon. And while some sellers break Amazon rules, others get around them by selling hemp seed oil as if it was CBD.

2 – Don’t buy it cheap

Before you select a CBD product, check with other manufacturers to see if you are paying a fair price. It costs a lot of money to extract and distribute CBD. If you found a store that promises products for a cost significantly lower than the market average, you should consider that a red flag.

Remember: anyone can build a professional-looking website these days. There are beautiful-looking fake CBD stores out there, just waiting for you to give them your credit card information.

3 – Read user reviews

Most CBD manufactures will proudly feature their customer reviews on their homepage. You may find even more reviews in the pages of each individual product. Those are all and good, but anything on a website can be faked by the site’s owners.

What you need to do is check third-party websites for reviews of that company. Google Reviews and Trustpilot are good places to start. See if reviews outside of the site line up with the ones the site displays.

4 – Get test results

Manufacturers are well aware that there are trust issues associated with CBD products. That’s why they go through great lengths to show proof of their product’s quality. One of the ways they do so is to hire third-parties to test each batch of their CBD products. They then make the results of that testing public, showing that the product has the right amount of CBD, and is free of any contaminants.

You’ll seldom find scam websites that went through the trouble of creating false test results. But if you are really paranoid, look for the name of the laboratory that ran the tests, and then email them to confirm if the results were legitimate. That will give you all the proof you need. And if you want to learn more about CBD in general, visit Cibdol’s CBD Encyclopedia.

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