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Why stay and live in one place when you can move, learn and explore new cultures?

This is actually the motto of those who have the moving bug biting their heels. This type of modern nomadism is pretty much what US citizens are actually known for. In fact, according to a study conducted by the United States Census Bureau, the typical American will move 11.7 times in their lives. The state of moving is actually visually presented depicting all the ins and outs concerning the reasons people move, the places they move to and time of the year when most people decide to move.

Moving to another city or even a new state comes with a lot of excitement and challenges you should be prepared for. The reasons why people decide to move are usually job transfers, seeking better conditions, a change in the routine, wanting better weather conditions, etc.

move to a new state

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However, sometimes no matter how much people wish to move to another state, they lack finances, are stuck at a certain job, or simply can’t bear the burden that moving to a new place brings. That’s the exact reason why they hire professionals to help them out with the moving process. These companies are dedicated to making the process of moving less difficult.

In this article, we share with you the possible scenarios that can happen and whether they are enough reason for you to move to a new state or not. Check them out before making any big moves!

The Company You’re Working for Is Offering You a Transfer

Sometimes with a promotion comes a transfer to another city or state by your current employer. Companies also move in order to cut their costs or spread and expand their business. Whether there is an opportunity for this decision to be changed, highly depends on the company. Sometimes companies won’t negotiate whether you’d be up for a transfer or not. It simply happens. So, whether you decide to accept it or just quit, will be all up to you.

When you’re being served a transfer to another state, take into consideration all the aspects, such as:

  • Whether the current job is worth the moving,
  • If the state to which you’re going to move will provide you with the optimal conditions for a head start,
  • If you’re going to get a higher salary or a new position along with the transfer,
  • Whether your family will be willing to follow you.

It’s always wise to ask for a test period, so you can see whether you can cope with the management and colleagues at the new workplace. Then you can make the right decision.

You Are Retired

If you are retired and your job doesn’t tie you to a certain place, then you probably have a lot of options open. Believe it or not, the average retiree spends around $11,077 annually on travel. In fact, a lot of this money can be used on something else if they actually moved to a sunny and tropical destination. Who wouldn’t like to spend their retirement days basking under the sun? Considering some destinations such as Thailand would be a great option.

However, you have to consider your mobility and actual ability to move that far from home. If you need regular healthcare services and require a certain medical treatment, this might not be the right option for you. If you are healthy and able to take care of yourself at 60 or 70, go ahead and choose your destination.

The Need for a Change and Following Your Dreams

Sometimes we get bored from the same daily routine, living in the same city for years and meeting the same people at bars and restaurants. We all need a change from time to time, however, make sure that this is not just an instant whim, but a real wish. Reconsider all the things that you’ll lose when moving to another city or state, which mostly include relationships with friends and family. If you think that you won’t be nostalgic and you’ll make new friends easily, then you can make the change and move out.

If you get the opportunity to live in the city of your dreams, you have to weigh all the options. This means that you should make a healthy decision finance-wise. For instance, moving from the US to Europe is going to be a cultural shock at the start and you have to be open-minded and accept a different way of living and functioning.

move to a new state

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Your Loved One Is Moving Out

Let’s imagine the following situation: Your loved one gets a job transfer and they have to move to another state. Are you going to follow them in fulfilling their dreams and excelling in their career? This choice is a tough one, don’t you think?

Well, if you have to weigh between the love of your life and your life path what are you going to choose? Apparently, a survey by Homes, showed that 43% of the people who moved for a loved one wouldn’t do it again. So, before you rush into anything that will make you regret, consider the results of this survey.

Looking for Better Living Conditions

If the state you want to move to offers you better-living conditions, then you should go for it! Moving to a more prospective state than yours may include states that have a better economy, higher living standards, more pleasant weather, a variety of entertainment options, a better ecosystem, a sophisticated educational system, etc. We encourage you to say yes to moving to a state that offers you a more quality life.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the decision about moving to another state or city depends on you. After you take into consideration all the perks and drawbacks of moving, you will probably make the right decision. Make sure that moving to another state will bring you long term satisfaction, happiness, and prosperity. Choose the state that will enable you all that and off you go!

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