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How To Work And Live As A Digital Nomad

One of the things that the recent Covid-19 pandemic made clear is that offices are not necessary. People can be responsible enough to work from home. In fact, in many ways, working from home was actually better for the company and not just the employees.

Taking things to a logical conclusion, you can say that even having a fixed residence is not really that necessary. If your office is a laptop and all you need is a working internet connection then you can work from anywhere.

Which means that you can work as a digital nomad and work from a travel laptop while you see the world. Instead of saving up enough money to travel, you can get paid while you travel.

In this article, I will give you some ideas on how you can make this happen.

Find your job

There are a lot of ways to work remotely. One of the best for many people is to simply keep the job they already have and simply ask if you can work remotely. These days there is little resistance to allowing this. But, you may be limited as to what time zone you are able to work from. In other words, you might not be able to see the world, but just your time zone.

Another way is to freelance. You can do what you were doing for your work and take on clients instead of working for a company. If you are very good, then over time you can have clients from all over the world and end up with more work than you can handle.

Get paid 

A potentially tricky part about freelancing and living in many different countries is how to get paid and then access your money. One of the easiest if you are going to be working out of your home country for long periods is to have clients pay you in cryptocurrency.

This works great as the fees are lower than banking and you don’t have to worry about working with many different currencies. You just need to create Bitcoin wallet online and it works anywhere in the world.

Work life balance

The hardest part of being a digital nomad is navigating the visa requirements of the different countries. The second biggest problem is to find the way to balance work and play. You aren’t on vacation, but you do want to see everything that a particular country offers. And work does need to get done. Especially if you have deadlines.

Make sure that you schedule yourself well and can get the work done while also fulfilling your responsibilities. Don’t take on more work than you want if you also want to explore. And travel time needs to factor into your work schedule, as well.

Create a budget

Cashflow is going to be one of your biggest issues. Make sure that you have a budget that takes everything into account from your flights, hotel and visas as well as your daily expenses.

Some months you are going to make more than others so always leave some money in an emergency fund.

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