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The act of gambling is a favourite pastime of many people, and it has been around for several years with a lot of history that can even be traced back to medieval times. Nowadays, gambling is quite different from how it used to be many centuries ago. There is a well-structured system for gambling today. A place where people are free to play games and gamble for fun is called a casino.

And just like gambling, casinos have had a long history since the first ones started. Casino started with the land-based ones where people gamble to try and win some money, enjoy each other’s company, and, most importantly, have fun. Today, online casinos that can be accessed by people in the comfort of their own homes via the internet have been developed, and it has become a giant in the gambling world. Online gaming sites are one of the fascinating places that people visit and get incredible bonuses like the free spins no deposit Canada.

Mind-Blowing Facts about Casinos

Some Incredible Facts

It is always interesting to know a few things about the facts and history of the things we enjoy. We have listed some interesting facts about casinos that are mind-blowing.

The First Casinos Started in Italy

When someone is looking to visit a casino, they go to famous places like London, Macau, Canada, and especially Las Vegas. Many casinos in these locations promise that they offer the greatest gambling experience, and people often think that casinos originated from one of these famous locations. But did casinos originate from any of these locations? The simple answer is no, other countries might have had a rich history with casinos, but the first gambling house or casino house started in Italy in the 17th century.

The First Slot Machine Was Created in 1887

Casino games veterans tend to debate about how and when table games originated, but the origin of the slot machine is indisputable. The first slot machine, called Liberty Bell, appeared in 1887, and it was developed by a man called Charles Fell. The complete design was released in 1891. Nowadays, there are thousands of slot machines with varieties of themes available to players, both in traditional land-based casinos and online gambling sites.

The Biggest Win from a Slot Machine Is $39.7 million

If you visit any standard casino, you will find various options of the casino games available for you to play. Aside from the table games, there is usually a vast array of slot machines with attractive jackpots. The biggest casino slot jackpot win happened at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas when a software engineer from LA placed a $100 stake on Megabucks. The slot machine paid out a sum of $39.7 million, and the record is yet to be broken since it happened in 2003.

The Longest Poker Game Lasted for More Than Eight Years

If you have never had any experience at a poker table, then you are missing out on something amazing. Poker is an intense and exciting game that can last for a very long period. Some poker tournaments will even last for hours and even months, but it can’t compare to the world record.

One day in 1881, a game that was going to last for a very long time started in the basement of a theatre in Arizona. This longest poker game is said to have continued for eight years, five months, three days. There is no hard evidence to back these claims, but it is said that up to $10,000,000 changed hands at the table.

The First Online Casino Started in 1994

If you should go online and browse through the list of gambling sites available online, you would be stunned by the total number you will come across. There are many of them today, but they had a humble beginning. Microgaming, a software company, created the first online casino called The Gaming Club in 1994. Not too long after, InterCasino, the first real money casino, was also created in 1996 with the aid of a Cryptologic, a company that deals in real money via the internet.

Some other facts include:

  • The biggest win ever recorded for online slot machines is 17.8 million Euros.
  • Robert Maxwell, the biggest Roulette loser, lost £1.5 million in three minutes.
  • Mobile casino gaming development started in 2005.
  • The biggest win recorded for the online poker game is $17 million.

These are the facts about casinos that we thought might be interesting for you.

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