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There’s no doubt that height is a major advantage in professional basketball, but it’s not necessary to make it at the highest grade. Albeit it’s super rare to see a player below 6 feet, yet some have played in the NBA over the years.

To make up for the lack of height a shorter player will need a wide range of skills. Whether it’s speed, jumping, or scoring baskets, shorter players must offer the team more to offset the lack of height.

Below is the list of players to play in the NBA that are below six feet tall.

5” 3”

Muggsy Bogues

It’s nothing short of incredible how Bogues played in the NBA at only 5” 3”. He played for 4 different teams but is most recognized for his career at the Charlottesville Hornets. Although small, Bogues was fast and had great vision on the court. In fact, from 1989 – 1995 Muggsy finished in the top seven players for assists.

After the NBA, Mogues starred in the famous basketball movie, Space Jam. He appeared alongside Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and Larry Johnson.

5” 9”

Isiah Thomas

Isiah Thomas is one of the shortest players ever to play in the NBA. He started his career at the Sacramento Kings, before moving on to many clubs, including the Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, and Cleveland Cavaliers. His most recent club was the Charlotte Hornets where he played as a point guard, and signed a 10-day contract.

Throughout his career, he was on the NBA all-star team twice (2016,2017) and has played at the highest level for a decade. Currently, he’s at the end stage of his career looking for another club.


Markus Howard

Howard started his NBA career at the Denver Nuggets having been selected in the 2020 NBA Draft. He scored a career high of 15 points in the Nuggets 114 – 103 win over Minnesota Timberwolves in his maiden season.

Nonetheless, his career at the Denver Nuggets came to an end in 2022, and was transferred to the Spanish club, Cazoo Baskonia on a 2-year deal. He has performed exceptionally, in October 2022, he became the eighth player ever to score 30 points or more in back-to-back games. Because of this, he’s a particular favorite to bet on with punters around the world. The EuroLeague has become increasingly popular in recent years for fans in Asia, who enjoy watching and betting on the matches.

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Facundo Campazzo

An Argentinian point guard who plays for the Dallas Mavericks, Campazzo is 5” 10 and has played in the NBA for three seasons. Born in 1991, he only got his break in the NBA in 2020, signing for the Denver Nuggets.

He spent most of his career in the EuroLeague, where he won the tournament twice (2015, 2018). Campazzo is also a big part of the Argentina basketball team, winning gold in the FIBA American Cup held in Brazil in 2022.

Tremont Waters

Waters’ NBA career started in 2019 for the Boston Celtics and was the 51st pick in the NBA Draft. Tragedy struck Waters in July 2019 when his father was found dead in a hotel room in an apparent suicide. Despite the news, he played for the Celtics the following day and had an impressive 2020 season winning NBA G League Rookie of the Year.

However, Waters could not find his form after the 2020 season and spent time with a few NBA clubs like the Toronto Raptors and the Washington Wizards. Currently, he plays for Metropolitans 92 in France signing a three-year deal in July 2022.

Final Thoughts

Many players under six feet have not taken the NBA by storm, therefore height is a major part of basketball. Often the shorter players will play point guard, yet it must be difficult to compete against players who can be a foot taller. In the NBA, the average height is 6ft 6 inches, so the players below six feet are up against it.

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