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Playing poker

Are you new to online casinos and have no idea what games they offer or what games you should be playing? Are you sick and tired of losing all the time and want to know which games you should be playing in order to win more often?

Online casinos are one of the most popular ways to gamble these days. There is a huge variety of games available, and they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But which ones offer the best experience?

The three main types of casino games are table games, slots, and roulette. Slot machines have been around since 1891, when an inventor by the name of Charles Fey added them to his San Francisco bar’s line-up as a way for players to compete against each other without taking up more space than necessary on crowded floors. Soon after, many games joined the ranks, and now there is a huge variety to choose from. This has inspired a lot of companies to start reviewing the most popular online casinos and Japan-101 is one of those that have been successfully listing the online casinos with the best game selection available and making it so much easier for the gamblers to choose the right one. With so many online casinos and so many different games to choose from, the choice can be confusing, so here is what you need to know about the various casino games.


Known as probably one of the most popular casino games to play, both online and in physical casinos and is a great game to play if you are a beginner or an expert. Blackjack is a card games that is played against the deals. The objective of the game is to get a number that is higher than the dealer without going over 21.

Many people think that this is purely a game of luck and chance, however, one you have played it a bit and know the strategies involved, you will find that it is actually a skill-based games and you can have increased odds of winning. Blackjack is said to be a game with the highest odds of winning at around 49%.


A classic game that you will find at just about every online casino is poker. Poker is also a card game that you play with a group of other and wager on the outcome of your cards. That odds are difficult to calculate when it comes to poker because they can vary quite dramatically. However, it is widely known that you will have better odds at winning poker that at winning any luck-based game as poker is based purely on skill and strategy, and if you know how to play the game you will have much better odds of winning.

If you want to win at playing poker, you just need to make sure that you have refined your skills so that you are good at the game.


Craps is a game played with dice. The objective of the game is to wager on the outcome of the dice. This is a game where you can basically decide your own odds of winning. You could choose something that you are almost certain to win such as choosing a number that the dice wont land on, or you could refine it a bit and choose one that you think it will land on. There are so many different combinations to choose from.


A very popular choice among high roller is Baccarat. This is because it is another game that is based on skill rather than luck or chance. There are strategies involved in the game and by learning they, you increase your odds of winning tremendously.

The objective of this card game is to have the highest number in your hand of two of three cards when their respective points are decided by 10.


Roulette is up there are possibly the best game to play if you want the highest odds of winning. With a nearly a 50% chance of winning, its no surprise that people enjoy playing this game. Roulette is a game played with a big spinning when that contains number that are coloured red and black. When the wheel spins there is a ball the moves around and will land on a number. The objective of the game is to wager on the outcome of the spin and guess where the ball will land. You can give yourself the best odds and just choose a colour that you think it will land on, or you could refine it a bit and yourself choose a specific grouping of number that you think it might fall in.

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